Desigual: Twin Tragedy

Not a PSD.  This is actually a production still from the upcoming Star Trek sequel, working title:  Androids of Bikini Beach.  As you can see, several ‘Oscars’ and ‘Alices’ are visible, and each wears an identifying amulet with name and series number.  Fun cameo appearance by Amanda Seyfried, as well!

The Clone Stamp is one of my favorite tools.  And when combined with Color Erase and some simple alterations to hair, makeup, wardrobe, and posing, it’s not difficult to make five or six models look like a crowd of fifty.  However, let this disaster be a lesson to all about the inherent dangers of drinking and Photoshopping.  More often than not, sloppy use of this tool will slip through the cracks of the review phase and written off to double vision caused by one too many CranBAMS.

Thanks Fabien. The original was found on the DocNews website. You can check out our red image gallery if you can’t see the marked up version.

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  • Chumbakarumba

    Your red image gallery misses the young lady on the left.

    • Photoshop Disasters

      We didn’t want to mark up every clone :)

  • Chris Jae

    Yep, girl in red bikini to the left is also doubled, and something is wrong with the hair of the girl to the right bottom corner

  • Klaus

    the guy in the right upper corner ist doubled as well

    • Klaus

      my fault, he isn’t

  • Silvyah

    Hahaha wth. Why would you double someone and put them next to each other in the first place? xD At least make it harder to find?

  • Leif Beaver

    To be honest, yes, this is a PSD. However I think the Artist is actaully pretty talented. Other than the obvious stamping, they have done a very good job at masking that this image is a complete fabrication.

    Who think that there is quite alot of look-alikes ‘twin’s here too. Top right guy and the one third top from the right too? to name just one set of twins?

  • Tom Harding

    I was looking around for 5 minutes before I looked at the red circle gallery. Can’t believe there were 2 guys right in the middle. Derp. 

    • Bev

      Took me a while to spot them too, Tom!  I guess they were too front & center for me.  😉

  • Cryothic

    Well, what about the woman, left of the lower-red-bikini-clone?

    Her face looks different… different light/shadow? And it doesn’t look like it’s correctly connected to a body :)

  • Kodiak

    The girl with the sunglasses in the bottom left has a really tiny arm. The clones are beautifuly done, the work on this particular girl is quite ugly though.

  • kleenex

    The used mannequins baby more than one pair. 

  • Bev

    Perhaps it was one of those twin conventions that Oprah was always talking about.

  • Desigual

    The funniest thing is we have the real photo, without clones: (Scroll down to the bottom). We don’t know yet what happened.

    • Photoshop Disasters

      I can’t actually see the original but it would be good to hear what happened to the image and how it ended up in this state.

      • Jim Drew

        The original has slipped to the next page, currently at

        Can’t say for sure why they cloned in red bikini girl, but looks like thumbs up guy was cloned in to replace a guy without an approved beach body (he’s looks a little pudgy).  The replace girl may also have too much softness for some art director’s taste.

        I guess they only want hot people to show in their store in just their underwear.

        • Vernon

          Hot women do tend to drive a lot of traffic

  • Stella

    The wpman in the black bikini, bottom left, sandwiched between the twins in the red bikinis, looks like she is not from this photshoot at all – she is not as in focus as everyone else.  I think she is the Pshopper’s girlfriend.

    And, if you are going to clone people, why not get rid of the people that aren’t even looking at the camera – see top middle. 

  • Guest

    Why are the captions so short? Please more bland boring text! I come to this blog for the tedious write-ups that make a great and cheap soporific!

    • Scooter

      Your condition is common among bottle-fed babies.

      • Vernon

        Very funny!

  • Jim Drew

    My girlfriend’s twin can do that.

  • Cropper

    replace all flawed humans…. with clones.

  • Synthprax

    Whatever #1 to the girl with the purple glove.
    And whatever #2 to the mosh pit at the top of the picture.

  • Windspear

    “Who here desperately wants to be on PSD? Raise your hand”

  • Influencethislj

    Also, there’s  a floating hand in the bottom-right of the image that was missed in the red-circle gallery.

  • Desigual