H&M: Offensive Arms Buildup

After enduring brutal torture by her captors including agonizing hours tied to a medieval ‘rack’ device, Mandy eventually gave up the codes.  “I was trained to endure much worse,” said the beautiful spy, “but when they told me they had my son Brandon, all that training went right out the window.”

With some of these PSD’s, I love to imagine possible scenarios that led up to the final result.  Like with this one, I imagine the GA intending to just tweak her arms with a tiny bit of stretching, and then amusing himself by yanking them out grotesquely, when suddenly he becomes inspired to join the Occupy movement and just saves and submits it ‘as is.’  Either that, or he had a one-night stand with the model in the graphic and just found out she gave him herpes.  It could happen.

Thanks Kat. The original was found in the Toronto Eaton Center. If you can’t spot the PSD, you an check out the marked up image in our gallery.

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