Birchog & Baago: Where To Begin?

Aw, mom, no fair!  Sally always gets to be the one to place the star atop the Christmas tree!

I just hope this woman gets some sort of discount on her waxing!

Thanks Hege for the great find. You can see the original on the Birchog website.

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  • AnnS

    So is the waxer small or the client big? It’s blowing my mind!

  •!/haversam [A]

    Giant girl is giant.

  • PK

    My beautician is four foot 9 and about a size 0 or less. Really petite. I’m almost 6 ft tall and my legs look a LOT like the ones up ^^ there,  they’re just nowhere near as brown. If someone took a picture of the two of us posed like this, it would be very, very similar to that one. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a PSD, or even ‘shopped at all…

  • Leif Beaver

    Girl is either a midget, or waxed person is a Giant. Even if this is not a PSD, it quite a cool pic.

    • Leif Beaver

      Maybe they are both…

  • Sandra Pretterebner

     maybe the client is  not even a girl…

  • GreenRaven

    Looking at the other pictures on their website, I think the girl is very small. 

  • teleromeo

    Låst sømmer we wånt tø Dånmårk øn våcåtiøn ånd frøm whåt we håve seen thåre this døes nøt løøk like å phøtøshøpdisåstør.

  • Discocircus77

    If I were the giant id sue. It seems titchy the wee beautician’s sloppy practices have caused severe swelling in the huge ones right leg

  • Cropper

    The secret is out. Shaq gets his legs waxed.

    • Bev

      I was thinking the same thing!  Hahaha

    • Discocircus77

      ..and bleached.

    • Synthprax

      That’s bigger than Shaq, I’m afraid.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    She’s so non-chalant. All my clients are like this.

  • Saurio

    Let’s assume the waxer’s height is 1.5 meters (or 5 ft). A petite woman I think.

    We see of her just the half of her body, so it is 0.75 m. As you can see from the sloppy photoshopping I made, her half body fits the length of the calf of the client.The length of a calf is 2 heads, according to the classic human proportions used in drawing. A full body is 7 heads. So, the client height should be 0.75 x 7 /2 = 2.63 m or 8,6 ft.I don’t know, but usually people is not that tall.
    Obviously a PSD!

  • kleenex

    What is so wrong with hiring an 8 foot person for a photo shoot??

    • Saurio

      Nothing. But 8 ft is not 8.6 ft

  • Bev

    What?  Giants need grooming too!  :)

  • Nicewriter

    I don’t like the perspective from her hands to her body. She has to be at least one metre behind her arms to get that into “normal” perspective.  What did they do?

  • but maybe…

     but the strangest thing about this is that the towel seems to be the size of the “small” woman. maybe it’s no psd! maybe she was some gigantic customer, and they proudly show their greatest challenge!

  • Stella

    So many questions…..
    What were they trying to create?  Why photoshop a picture that looks like this?  How is this supposed to make people want to use their product/people to wax their legs?  Why not show a happy waxer?  Or a happy waxee? 
    What is their slogun with this ad? “Our staff is so tiny, there is no way they are strong enough to hurt you.” or “Getting your legs waxed with us will make you feel larger than life.” 
    And why are the toes covered?

  • Photoshop Disasters

    Wax On, Wax Off – Repeat Repeat – Vernon

  • James Dominguez

    It’s possible this isn’t a PSD per se, but a really badly-taken photo. If the camera was way too close to the photo subjects (maybe they were shooting in a really cramped room) and was using a wide-angle lens, then _in_theory_ the warped perspective could make things close to the camera look a lot bigger. Backing up this theory is the fact that her left hand (right hand from our viewpoint) is grotesquely huge. So yeah, I’m leaning toward a photography disaster rather than a PSD, but either way it’s an awful pic.

    • Jugstopper

      I meet your perspective and raise you a pair of giant legs:

  • Zerosem16

    This isn’t a disaster, that is a health spa for “giant persons” their website even says so

    • Zerosem16

      It’s the “Institute for Modern Huge People”

      • Jackkerouac9

        It’s Shaq

  • Jugstopper

    I bet they charged double for legs that big. That wax isn’t free, you know.

  • Notolls

    I estimate the giant is about 12 feet high.