GAMA FILHO: Franken-fingers

This gives the term ‘five-finger discount’ a whole new meaning.

So was a thumb finger removed and a little finger inserted or was the thumb stretched to look like a little finger. I’m confused as to what might have happened and the thought that went into this one.

Thanks Mateus for the find. The original came from Enquete in Brazil.

View PSD

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  • Martin Veneroso


    • Vernon

      Would you really hire a model with 

  • jpolk93

    The thumb is wrapped aroond the front, you can see it. I think the hand was widened (maybe clone and stamp) and and additional finger was added. I can see that being the original Pinkie just displaced. The concept was interesting, but the execution was lacking.

  • Goehv

    What’s sad is that it’s done with both hands :(

    • Jshook

      Yes, usually this is a one-hand job.

  • Leif Beaver

    Thumbs down.

  • Mark McGehee

    This should have had at least 3 more fingers on each hand to make it believable.

  • peaceetc

    I’ve had cats with extra toes on their front paws. Maybe they’re related to her.

    • Vernon

      I’ve had dogs to. Funny world really

      • Le_Bob

        Was there a point to that reply?

        • Vernon

           Trying to be funny and it doesn’t seem to have worked out for me very well.

  • southwesthouse

    Really????? Who the heck would allow this to post or print?! Did a 8 year old photomutilate this?

  • kleenex

    She went to Hand Transplants R US.  They always do a solid job….

  • jofjord

    Hey, That’s my old next door neighbor, Polly Dactyl! She was always needing extra nail polish.

  • Synthprax

    The most incredible aspect of the whole disaster is that they did it to BOTH hands!

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    She can grab my ass any time. 

  • Michael Florence

    I thought this image was really creepy, especially because i know the
    university. =/

    I’ve searched a little and found that this was not used in the advertising

    Someone’s done it and published online. See, here’s a blog with the right
    deal –

  • Finch

    Hmmm… The PSD is missing a red circle around her other hand; that one has six fingers as well. Or she is an alien and there is nothing wrong with this picture.

  • CragAntler

    My name is Iniga Montoya.  You killed my father, my brother, and stole my library card.  Prepare to die.

  • Nostra

     Michael Florence gave the answer. It’s a fake PSD. Another PSD Fail.