IStockPhoto: Marathon Muff

Andy was delighted to discover there was an entirely unexpected meaning behind the term ‘high-quality’ footwear.

This cut-and-paste job fails on multiple levels, no pun intended: missing shadows for both runners, and his positioning gives either the illusion that he is running eight inches above the trail, or worse, a massive giant chasing a frightened woman from behind.  Apparently, iStockphoto has no quality control department whatsoever.  Think I’ll dust off my resume.

Thanks Mark! Be sure and check out the original iStockPhoto

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  • Waldobaby

    Someone is going to say something about her left leg stub (other than this time, nowumsayin?), aren’t they? These guys look like the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz coming in for a landing. The summary of this could be just 4 words: these guys don’t fit.

  • Tehataren

    Considering how many pictures they have refused from me, and how hard I thought they were on precisely quality control, that would deem me completely incompetent and beyond, I guess…

    Thanks for totally crushing my ego into… .something very crushed.

    • Jugstopper

      Are you serious? iStockphoto actually rejects photos? No insult intended, but how picky can they be when they are selling them for nearly nothing?

  • Saurio

    Don’t laugh. Runners being abducted by aliens is not joke.

  • kleenex

    Wires are holding them up right…

  • Opodilchuk

    twas to make sure that they didn’t dirty them shoesas they had to return them to the store

  • Bev

    Reminds me of those scenes in the Harry Potter movies when they re-apparate and hit the ground while casually trotting.

  • lorcha

    Also, because the path in the new photo is leading straight ahead, while the male runner is turning in whatever the original photo was, it looks like he’s about to trip and fall on his face!

  • Cropper

    It is meant to symbolize ” runner’s high ” when they feel like they are floating on air. 

  • JD Liddil

    In general this photog likes people in the air and forgets the shadows. There are more running ones, a woman on the beach,  golfers etc.

  • Jshook

    Not a PSD. They’re Air Jordans.

  • Yyy

    your body casts a shadow in the shade? neat trick!

  • geowidman

    Just a “partial” PSD: looks like the ground and background got over-messed-with. From the (probable) same shoot, here it is with less messin’, and ground shadows:

  • Stella

    At first I thought it was the standard person flying PsD, but Scooters description gave me the other perception – not a PsD, but a photo of a giant chasing a female runner – or a giant out for a jog with his girlfriend.  Then I noticed how smooth his legs are and realized we saw a picture of him getting his legs waxed last week. 

  • Cropper

    Obviously a PSD. Look at that woman’s left leg stub! Nobody can run like that.

  • Bargonzo

    Actually, it’s the other way round: It’s tiny ballet dancer Natasha Sztrangzynskievskiewich with her hunky basketball-playing bodyguard/boyfriend.

  • name

    Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer than They Are

  • CragAntler

    Not a PSD.  These two are evangelicals out for a run, and the photographer just caught them mid-Rapture.

  • Christopher O’Driscoll

    for a poor edit, its sold more than 10 times….

  • Casarsavalentin

    This is not a cut and past job at all. No PS were used to create this
    image. Is a single shoot of a couple running on a shadowed track.
    Extra strobes were used on sides to lit them and freeze the action. The
    strobes were placed quite in the same level as the height of the
    model, so the shadows couldn’t appear on the ground. There were also no
    direct sun to create the natural shadows either. The male running is
    really stronger and bigger than the girl, and only the illusion of him
    touching the ground is such, to makes you think is a cut and past
    job. He is running next to her and the images freezed him in mid-air.
    but i agree. The visual illusion is such to makes him look running
    behind and makes him look big too.
    Valentin Casarsa