Jackson Sun: Photo Bombastic

Sensitive to recent criticism that their group was neither family friendly nor racially diverse, the People’s Militia of Flathead County found Photoshop to be a godsend in alleviating their public relations nightmare.

It’s pretty clear the dad with two kids is a cut-and-paste job.  I personally think the black gentleman on the left was also a last-minute addition.  The reason they were added in to the original group is anyone’s guess.  I almost let the shovels inspire my imagination towards more nefarious speculations, but I’ll leave that angle for others to play with.

Thanks Bradley. You can see the original on the Jackson Sun website.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/stevebradley44 Steve Bradley

    You HAVE to get the shading right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/azbootcamp Sgt Rock

    why do you say ‘ I personally think the black gentleman” with ” “the dad with two kids” ……. you might have of said the gentleman on the far left side and the white guy with the two white kids” …..

    • http://jaydinitto.com Jay DiNitto

      You could’ve saved time and just accused him of racism.

    • Someone

       I can tell you why he didn’t say “the white dad”. It’s because everyone is white in this picture except the dude on the far left. If everyone would’ve been male and the left one would’ve been a woman, he’d also said “the woman on the left”.

      It’s about attitudes that stand out of the specific crowd, my dear. Gender, hair and skin color etc. are used to distinguish between said persons.

      What would you say, for example, if you see five hot women passing the street while every one is blonde except one brunette. Would you say “That woman who ISN’T blond has a nice ass!”?
      Of course you wouldn’t. “The brunette has a nice ass!” – it’s because she stands out as the only brunette.


      • kirstymca

         Or indeed, if everyone had been black but one, he would have referred to ‘the white guy’

        • Someone

          Exactly what I wanted to say.

          People need to use their brains before screaming “racist”.

    • Mrbubbles

      We’ve established a while ago that he’s a racist and a homophobe. Nothing new here.

    • http://twitter.com/SaurioLIF Saurio

      Of course, it should have been: “I personally think the black gentleman on the left was shopped over the group of rednecks” 😉

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YLREO5SQDTMCWXE62YE5AVTGNI Bird

    The guy on the left has definitely been added.  If you magnify the picture you can see lighter lines between him and the man to his left.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619586555 Leif Beaver

    Nothing nefarious, I think it is Arbor Day. Looks like they just planted a tree.
    Well done to all the children, white and black people who helped on the day.

    • Waldobaby

      Ten people, three spades, one stick in the wet dirt that might grow, and a guy in a small room somewhere manipulating our rites and memories. It’s amazing what we as a nation can do when we all pull together.

      edit: yes, that IS meant to be sour.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619586555 Leif Beaver

        I think that the grass has been photoshopped to be greener too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lightstriker-Stormyhahaha/1046633734 Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Was it a triple grave? 2 diggers for each body and a token…um, teenager. 

  • http://twitter.com/davidlrattigan David L Rattigan

    It’s The Trouble with Harry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cikku76 Francesco Demoro

    Only the guy on the bottom left corner with the two kids, the black guy is not been added cause the blades of grass over his shoes tell another story. And the shadows on their faces is all the same for all the people standing up, the shadows are missing only for the three on the bottom left

  • Geowidman

    An “E” for effort here: at least a bit of grass (forgot to use the grass brush) was cloned to the bottom of the little girls left boot, probably to cover up the shag carpet (!?) she had been standing upon.  But then, her right foot seems to have been amputated.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L5DQFVHHBFI4PF2NWAP3RBJAHA kleenex

    This is what you get when you have two groups of people, a stitching of the photo and the software failed to do its job right. 

  • Bev

    I love images with people randomly added in.  The dude on the left has a greenish tint to his hair, almost like he’s standing in front of a chroma key wall like a weather man.  Funny.

  • Cropper

    They removed the photo on the Jackson Sun website

  • CragAntler

    Some of you dingleberries are the exact type of ego-tripping blowhards that South Park mocks in every episode.  Calling the writer a racist for referring to a black man as “black”?  Can’t we just get back to mocking PSD’s around here??

    • Scootersareforbabies

      hahaha good one, Scooter

  • Cropper

    I don’t think the guy on the far left is shopped in.

  • Yo_momma

    Just needs a few floating Chinese officials examining a non-existent road. 

  • http://twitter.com/SaurioLIF Saurio

    The guy with the kids are dead, they were buried under the little tree by the white mob. What we see are their ghosts.
    The black guy wasn’t here, either, but you know, if it was a crime, the black guy did it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FN4T27NPAP3DELSODEN3UDRJQQ AnnS

    The black guy (yes, he’s “the black guy”) is probably shopped. He has no shadows on his shoes like the others do. The “dad and the kids,” who are white people, are much more obviously faked. Why do people think this will help their cause, though? People always do this. “People think we’re racist. Let’s shop in a black guy!” Then it’s obvious to a 5-year-old, and it makes them not only look racist but pathetic and incompetent to boot. Jeez, at least PAY a black guy to stand there. At least he’d actually be there.

  • Ed Igoe

    In case you all really need more evidence that the “AFRICAN-AMERICAN” was shopped in, look at the gap between his arm and body.

  • Bargonzo

    I think it’s completely insensitive to call the photoshopped guy “dad with two kids”. That’s stereotyping. The correct term is “genderly disadvantaged human with two age-challenged individuals who *might* be part of his current core social group.”