Metroland: Low Budget Skills

At first, Dabney thought his job at Price Waterhouse as the official Oscar ballot counter was pretty cool. But when he closed his eyes following the first of several grueling 18-hour days of it, he began to think otherwise.

Obviously, Brad’s head was PS’d onto the horse rider because he starred in Moneyball, not War Horse. That doesn’t excuse the bloated and warped Woody head placed hunchback-like on God-knows-whose body. I think the idea here was to place the various layers so they appear to be lusting after Oscar, but even that concept failed since Rooney Mara seems engrossed with the dog from The Artist, and Clooney looks like somebody just caught him surfing Internet porn.

Thanks Sebastien. The original can be found on the Metroland FB page.

View PSD

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  • Leif Beaver

    Look at this ad, now back to me, now back to the ad, now back to me. Sadly, the ad is a PSD, but if a proper graphic designer was employed, they could design just like me. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a boat with the designer that you just hired. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s a mouse. Look again, the mouse is now money. Anything is possible when your designer is actually paid. I’m on a horse.

    • Dani Rolli

      bwahahahar! 😀

  • Nicewriter

    Woody Allen as Stephen Hawking!!??

    • VBW

      My thoughts too.

  • Spillage!

    I think some rules should be employed on PSD. One of them should stipulate that the offending offer should be double checked at its sourse, and scrutinised, before being offered up for judgement, because a lot of times, posters seem annoyed, or complain about the ” quality” of the submissions. Web graphics can be misleading, as it’s quite often not a case of PSD, but the actual website graphics, not performing correctly. Also, when people submit images, they should at least, offer a translation, if needed, and details of the source. The magazine article photography PSDs are usually the most legit and funny, as adverts, by definition, are usually abstract anyway. ”
    Eeeh! I must fin summert else to do before tha gets thy sen flustered at me comments!” 
    *Yorkshire dialect for, “I must find something else to do, before you get yourself flustered by my comments!”* 😛

  • kleenex

    Well you do have a whole lot of artistry that goes into making a PSD of this quality.

    • Jshook

      Lots of skill, no judgment.

  • Cropper

    Brad Pitt’s head pasted on somebody from a completely different movie!

  • Waldobaby

    The concept of PSDisaster implies that someone tried to do something and then screwed it up. Should this one be considered a PSD since they got the steps backwards? This finely subtle artiste may have done exactly what was asked.

    • CragAntler

      I’m sorry.  Was there some sort of PSD convention held where this was decided by a crack team of expert know-it-alls that I’m unaware of?

      Call me a rebel, but I choose to decide for myself what is or is not a PSD.  For me, that’s a broad description covering pretty much any graphic that simply looks wrong due to either poor application or lack of application of professional skills, to include poor design concepts and/or decision making.

  • someone

    well is reads ALTERNATIVE in the cover, what did you expect? ALTERNATIVE!