Nouvelles Frontieres: Fin-tastic Failure

Marie’s courage in returning to the water following the shark attack that took her right foot was inspiring to say the least.  Nobody had the heart to mention she could now only swim in circles.

Could there possibly be a ‘sleeper’ right foot hiding behind her left calf?  I suppose.  But that still doesn’t explain the missing flipper, does it.  Not to mention the iffy perspective shift between underwater and surface views which make her appear to be swimming in a freeform pool at the Sheraton Atlantis.

Thanks Olivier for the photo and sending it to us. The original was found on the French metro.  You can see the larger image below.

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  • Waldobaby

    This whole entire seven billion person planet has, on the average, LESS THAN TWO FEET each. So does this person. That makes her totally normal. She doesn’t let a silly thing like an amputation handicap stop her from having a good time, and you gotta make fun of her. That’s almost as mean spirited as making fun of her tan lines.

    • Death2waldo

      someone has to FINALLY tell you this:
      you are NOT funny
      you are NOT clever
      you are NOT interesting

      k thnx bai

      • Cropper

        I thought the tan lines joke was LOL funny!

      • Carlos_Contibulo

          What goes around, comes around. You, kind Sir, are a dick.

  • Fromage

    Once again, this is not a PSD.

    No flipper on the original picture. Because the top surface of the water hides it.

    • CragAntler

      Some people on this site remind me of Conan O’Brien’s bit about trying to chump the maestro.  Doesn’t matter how blatant the error, he’s always able to pull something out of his ass to justify it.  This is a PSD.

      • Waldobaby

         RE: “chump the maestro”. You say that like it’s a bad thing.

        • CragAntler


    • Marcy

      I am confused…it there something about shutterstock that prevents photoshopped pictures from being on it – some sort of program that kicks out a photoshopped picture?  I don’t mean to offend here, I am jsut confused as to how showing that this photo is on shutterstock means that it is not a PSD. 

      The water alone looks like bad photoshopping to me.  I also don’t see how the top surface of water hides the flipper.

  • Cropper

    If that is not photoshopped, then that is one weird optical illusion.

    • Waldobaby

       If you are implying that they don’t DO Photoshop, then you aren’t recognizing that they also did this attached piece of art.

  • Bev

    Stumpy the one-footed snorkeler is not amused, people!

  • kleenex

    NO PSD….  WE had to do the shoot today and only came with one flipper.

  • Sleepynora

    Where is her foot? let alone her flipper. TOTAL PSD


    She looks like a fish, LOL

  • Stella

    I love the look on her face (and I realize that it probably wasn’t photoshopped, but it still makes me laugh)

    • Jugstopper

      Yep, her face has a look that says the photographer was some random creep with an underwater camera snapping shots of unsuspecting young women.