Photoshop Quiz: Vogue Angela Lindvall

Recently we posted the following Vogue spread to our Facebook page asking the question of whether or not Angela’s neck has been stretched. The photo generated so much conversation that we decided to use it for this week’s poll. Vote as to what you think might have happened and write a comment as to an explanation.

Make sure and don’t read the comments before voting!

Vogue Angela Lindvall

I think everything is

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  • someguyorwhatever

    The geometry of her neck/shoulders/arms looks all sorts of weird. But let’s say the photo wasn’t touched at all. Even then choosing a photo where her shoulders/collar are uneven was still a stupid idea.

  • Bryan “bytehead” Price

    No way that neck is that long.  Yes, there are women in Africa who have that long a neck, but they also have rings to support such a long neck. And despite uneven shoulders, her breasts line up, but the blouse shows a wrinkle if her shoulders were uneven.  And the arms have been manipulated, although how, I can’t say, but it really bothers my eye.

  • Pete Farmer

    We’re talking Spain, right?  Home of the Spanish Inquisition?  In which the Heretic’s Fork was a popular item?

  • Will Robinson

    Hmm, after looking on Google Images, the only conclusion I can come up with is that she has a telescopic neck; literally every picture shows a neck of different length. It’s really quite freaky…

  • kelseigh

    How unusual, an “is it a disaster” that actually IS a disaster.

    Aside from the length, the muscles in her neck are downright grotesque.

  • Waldobaby


    IMAGE MASKING is a chronic comment spammer.

    I clicked on comment spammer SKINNERUL TUTORIALE’s name in the previous blog entry and immediately had PUP.HACKTOOL.PASSWORDHACKER installed on my computer. Anyone else who tried that: check for a virus.

    Hey, Boss. How about a little due diligence from your end vis-à-vis these comment spammers.

    • Bryan “bytehead” Price

       You cold flag it for spam yourself.

  • ernie

    @pfarmer821:disqus  Heretic’s Fork? Well Played, Indeed!!!

  • Marcy

    Good for her for finding a jacket that has a neckline that is longer on one side than the other to fit her disproportionate neck.

  • Thebewilderness

    The very least they could have done to sell it would be to take out the bit of blue shirt behind her hair.

  • Gara St. James

    Looked at paparazzi pics of her, and she does have a longer than average neck, although I do think it’s been stretched a bit here. Plus they’ve done some weird thing on the left side because the spot where her neck joins her shoulders is majorly off.

  • Frank Wales

    I think this looks like a perfectly normal photo of a woman with no right collar bone or shoulder blade, whose right arm just hangs on the top of her rib cage instead. I’m more impressed with the tailoring of a jacket that makes both halves of her torso look almost the same width. Almost.

  • RickRussellTX

    Just look at the distance between chin and collar bone in this image, and compare it to other photos & candid photos. Seriously, her neck is like 30% longer in this image.

  • Fermelinricking

    Anyone seen that there is a total mess where the letter meets the head? For the picture it just enhances badness. It looks like a bad masking. The hair masking is terrible… Oh the neck? Looks great!

  • O’Brien Keturah

    This is what I think is making the illusion of a dinosaur neck.    Her fair skin is washed out by the background and when a model poses her head up it also elongates the neck.  The cut of her sweater is adding some extra inches to the neck as well resulting in a very long neck.

  • SarahnadeMe89

    I’m not saying the cover is great, but from the pictures I’ve seen of this woman online, her neck seems super long, so this could actually be legit, who knows! I would agree with one post I read, saying, that it could be off due to her having such fair skin, simple things can throw off a photo

  • Murgatroyd

    Her right shoulder is about three inches lower than her left one. Her right hand is just BIZARRE. And there’s something wrong with her right elbow — the intersection of her upper and lower arm seems misplaced and thick.

  • Marcy

    Yay! It looks like I finally voted correctly!

  • DenzelTpa

    She is holding her left arm straight down in front of her. She may actually have a physical issue. Normally I would expect symmetry and he hands would be together in te middle.

    • 301babywhynot

       Try holding your hands like that. It’s ridiculously easy to do. That bit’s not a psd.

  • Cropper

    What is it with the neck fetish?

  • Murgatroyd

    Say … Don’t humans usually have LEGS?!

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

     Every thing about her’s been shopped, long neck, narrowed body. She did the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show a few years back. Her proportions are quite “normal”. 

    • Bargonzo

       Ummm… if she did Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, then this might be how she actually looks like. (EEK!)

  • random

    I understand: this is a “before” image for the article advertised on the cover:

    “Un cuerpo de diosa, perfecto en 1 hora”

    The body of a goddess, perfect in 1 hour.

    Perhaps we learn in the magazine how to correct the kind of physical condition depicted on the front page…

  • Phillip Orozco

     LOL, my good friend art directed this. I’mma be giving him crap.

  • Phillip Orozco

    My friend who art directed this assures me its all her.