Woodbridge Wine: Vintage Failure

This Cabernet from the Mondavi family boasts a complex, fruity bouquet and a sassy hint of spice, but must be consumed within just a few hours of uncorking as it tends to flatten rather quickly.

This is just plain stupid.  Everything in this billboard ad is three-dimensional looking except for the bottle and the text.  And what the heck is going on behind the bottle anyway?  Either the sun is going nova or our forces have just changed status to DEFCON ONE.

Thanks Melanie!

View PSD

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  • teleromeo

    After all those flat ironed posts from the last days one should start to think this blog has been taken over by the Flat Earth Society …

  • G.

    This isn’t a PSD, this is just a stupid ad. Sorry, guys, but you need to find real disasters again.

  • Michael Gunner

    It’s a damn picture. A picture. It’s clearly not meant to be completely realistic, not every advert, picture, billboard, whatever needs to be completely accurate and perfect. The burst of light is obviously meant to distinguish the bottle from the background. What’s the problem with that? Who cares that the sun doesn’t really do that? Honestly, this post is crap, it sucks, and you have clearly run out of proper disasters to even post this up.

    Lame, and you know it.

    • Bev

      Tell us how you REALLY feel, Michael.  😉

    • Yyy

      and curved image (i.e. label on an actual bottle) is not as easy to read as you’re driving by — the point of the ad is to sell product, not to present realistic photography

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FVASHLRWWBQFZXZERUVW3SE6QE Miguel Farah

    I wonder if this ad be better suited to wines made in Kansas.

  • Erin

    You do realize this is for a billboard, the product is highlighted and type is readable. Likely this ad is viewed via train at Xmpg.

    Also note: When designing for brands often times you only have the art as supplied and are not authorized to edit, work with it is what we say

    This ad is effective, the article however a huge disaster.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lightstriker-Stormyhahaha/1046633734 Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    What glow?  Are you guys high on California weed?

  • Bev

    Woodbridge has clearly found a way to make wine bottles portable.  Simply press, flatten, and go!

  • Cropper

    MMMMMMM Wine!

  • gailey

    What about the stumpy thumb?

  • LtPowers

    I can’t believe anyone is defending this piece of junk.  Why is the hand even there?  Without the hand, it wouldn’t be half as bad.  But with it, it makes the wine bottle look like a piece of cardboard being held up.  Being on a billboard is hardly an excuse for awkwardness like this.

  • Lorax

    I love lookin at the funny screw ups but seriously, some of you think everything has to bed 3D and perfect or it’s a ‘disaster’. Just like Michael said, the sun burst is to distinguish the bottle, kind of like it’s so great it shines or some crap. That’s NOT a PSD. And really who the hell cares if the bottle isn’t 3D? Are you wearing 3D glasses while you drive to see it? Maybe companies do this kind of things on purpose to separate the pictures from  one another, so they’re more noticable. Seriously, focus on the 12 fingers and completely fucked up outta perspective, how the hell did this get printed ads and leave the it was probably done on purpose you just don’t think so cuz everything’s not perfect and in 3D ads alone huh?

  • Duchanne

    If it’s so great the way it is, why did they need to go putting a 3D hand 2D holding it?!!!  I would agree with the posters who are all “this is totally great, why are you whinging” if they’d just used the bottle; except SOMEBODY had to go and make an otherwise perfectly appropriate 2D picture of a bottle look stupid by not accepting it the way it was.  It honestly wouldn’t be a PSD if it weren’t for that ridiculous hand.

  • Bob

    It’s 2D to make the label more readable (especially at speed).
    It’s highlighted to draw the eye.
    It’s good advertising practice.
    It’s clearly not a PSD.

  • http://www.mynameisjay.com/ Jay

    Why are you so angry about it? I know just what you need: Woodbridge Wine!

  • Stella

    Really nice of Mr. Moldavi to let his employees take time off from work to come post here. 

  • Frank

    I am not a wine drinker – can’t stand the stuff – but even I
    know that wine should be stored on it’s side, somewhere cool. They couldn’t
    have a real bottel of wine in the blazng sun a a billboard – it would go bad
    in no time. They had to use a cardboard cut-out.

  • CragAntler

    Looks like the graphics team behind this billboard are frequent visitors of this site.  Sorry, guys, but this one definitely triggers my personal PSD-dar for the reasons posted.  2D depictions of what we all know to be a 3D cylindrical object held by a 3D hand inside a 3D universe destroy suspension of disbelief by causing a paradox in the mind of the viewer.  This is a distraction, and therefore bad graphics work.

    I’ve seen numerous billboard ads for other bottled products that have no problem incorporating actual product photos into 3D scenes.  This was a cheat by the PTB behind this graphic, and it fails because it just looks weird — a photo-realistic hand holding a flat cutout of a bottle instead of a photo-realistic bottle.  If flattening the bottle was necessary to make it more readable from moving cars then the background and hand should be 2D as well, like perhaps inside a painting or cartoon world.

    Is this on par with Oprah’s mutant boob or the claw-fingers we recently loved.  No, it’s not.  What’s disastrous about this is the decision making to mix a flat universe with a 3D one because instead of generating interest in the product, it has the unintentional result of equating in our minds that particular brand of wine with a sense of “weirdness.”

    • Cropper

      That’s PSD PHD work!

    • Fotog47

       DO any of you work in advertising or in Graphics Departments?  Apparently not. If you did, you would realize that this is not the GA’s decision 90-100% of the time.  I don’t know how many times I turn in the art work of the century and the client says, “Mmmm, no.  I think I want the label to be more readable.” Or, “I think it would look better if you put a hand in it.”  Not a PSD.

  • Waldobaby

    I agree with you. Most  seem to think that this is normal advertising art. It’s not. It’s fast billboard art.  Billboards are special. On a billboard on a slow street you have a five second chance to get the message. At freeway speeds you get maybe two seconds. The 2-D verses 3-D argument is specious, I think. The art grabs your eyes lickety-split and the (very few) words deliver the message. This ad has six words (Taste, California, Woodbridge, Woodbridge, Robert, Mondavi) and that’s the whole thing. Period. It’s a good ad.

    Nobody but a pedestrian would notice the stinking flat bottle. Nobody gives a flying bucket of warm spit about the curved label. Subtle shadows count for nothing. The real customer doesn’t get into deep analysis of the ad’s value. All that counts is “did you get the message?” The message is the driver now has a slight familiarity in the back of her head when she goes to a store’s wine section and says to herself “hey, I’ve heard of that…”.

    PS: the letter spacing in “California” is sloppy.

  • mredfern

     I’m not a designer or an ad person. I’m not hypercritical or a nitpicker. But I have eyes and that advertisement looks stupid. Stupid.  Say it doesn’t matter? That it’s the client’s fault. Fine. But that doesn’t change the fact it looks stupid and belongs here.