Ann Taylor: Minor Misstep

Not a PSD. This is a magician’s trick. And, yes, while their placement is backwards, the feet are fake and intended to distract the audience from noticing the two dwarf assistants wrangling a Bengal tiger into position under her dress for the ‘big reveal.’

The contour of this model’s right leg is clearly visible all the way from hip to about the mid-shin area, where I am fairly certain no joints exist that would explain how her right foot suddenly veers radically to the right and appears where it does.  Not sure exactly what occurred to cause this weird anomaly, but it’s wrong and may even be causing me seizures.

Thanks Emily for finding all those great Ann Taylor disasters! You can see the original on the Ann Taylor site.

View PSD

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  • Mark McGehee

    Looks like there’s a hobbit in the shire…

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Just about to post a snotty comment about how this isn’t a disaster and I’m sure she’s just crossed her legs and the leg on the right is her left leg etc.

    And then I saw the toes.  Ok so that’s my theory out the window.  Back to being a disaster.  As you were.

  • Miguel Farah

    My girlfriend can do that! (she has a wooden leg, though)

  • Saurio

    Mirrofeet Syndrome is not a joke! We should take the lady as a role model for overcoming this awful condition!

  • Dhawkins1234

    Not a PSD. The model is wearing very tall high-heels, which together with foreshortening gives her toes an odd appearance. The dress also covers part of her right foot (left side of pic), making it appear smaller. (You compare the design of the shoe her left foot (right side of pic) to the other.

    As for the odd position, she’s tilting her pelvis to the left and drawing her right knee inward and at a slight angle. This, together with the added apparent length due to her heels, explains the position.

    • Stella

      I think I need a diagram…..

      • Bargonzo

         There you go…

  • flake

    If it’s not PSD, the lady has misplaced toes!

  • Guest

    Not a psd. 
    My girlfriend’s left leg also is a ft longer than the right one.

  • southwesthouse

    No PSD that is the “new” Angelina Jolie look! LOL

  • Bev

    This reminds me of that show Scrubs, when one guy would get on the other guy’s shoulders to form the World’s Tallest Doctor.

  • CragAntler

    You should rename this site: PhotoshopDisasters-and-Snotty-Comments-That-Defend-Them.

  • Cropper

    No PSD. It’s just an ugly dress.

  • Guest

    I think her legs are just crossed.

    • Stella

      Her legs are crossed, but her feet look like her legs aren’t crossed.  That is the problem.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    All clothing shoots have to show both feet. Other wise they won’t look human.

  • Fastdriver

    People, follow her legs down..look at her big toes, they are on the wrong side lol

  • guest

    Yes, it looks weird, but it’s obvious that the models left leg is behind her right leg. It’s not that they created a new foot and moved it. The model should know better, but so should the editors.

    • 6519286

      she looks great the way she is — legs or not really !!

    • voting public

      look at her toes its a dead giveaway