Avengers Assemble ….. Over There

For the rest of his days, Captain America greatly regretted his decision to opt for the “bargain” bungee jumping service before his photo-shoot. 

Thanks to everyone and in particular Murray and Michael. You can see the original on the Comics Alliance site.

View PSD

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  • http://www.facebook.com/aykincakaloz Aykın Çakaloz

    I don’t get it. He looks taller. Is that it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/atagong Felix Atagong

     I think it would be harder finding a superhero movie poster WITHOUT a PSD…

    • thewolfkin

      see now as much as that IS a joke I would like to see that. A special column or one time article showing superhero posters that are “fantastic” but not PSDs. Sure Superman is flying but say his cape isn’t clipping thru a building or something.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=719027342 Michael Horne

    Just re-posting a critique I did when suggesting:
    1. It reminds me a little of the credits for Star Trek The Next Generation when Saturn is lit from the wrong side. Look at where each character’s face is lit from.2. The STARK building top left looks like it has ‘STANK’ written on it… At least at this size.3. Cap America is clearly NOT new artwork and he’s out of scale to the rest.4. Black Widow looks like she’s carrying a box… no wait! That’s the hammer. Fail.5. Forget the bloody explosion – there’s a bloody great aircraft behind them… on a collision course. Yoo-hoo! Heroes! Behind you!!!6. Why does Iron Man have a tyre attached to his right shoulder?7. Spoiler alert – looks like STARK industries opens the portal to Asgard – look at that big ray of light!8. They appear to be standing on a street in San Francisco, judging by the huge curving dip of the road behind them… except it’s New York.I mean… kudos for letting the Empire State Building not be damaged as per usual, but c’mon… A black poster with the logo in chrome in the middle with the names of the cast in it would have done _just fine_, plus a few character one sheets as well.They don’t seem to realise that people are perfectly capable of generating their own excitement for a much-awaited film!

  • J.Santos

    He is clearly standing on some debris. Don’t get it why a PSD

    • http://www.radarinutil.com viOlator


    • http://gplus.to/divinoag DivinoAG

      I agree. Sometimes I really feel like however posts these is blind. One can clearly see the debris he is standing on; it’s visible between Scarlett Johansson’s left arm and her body, just under the height of her belt.

      Don’t try so hard next time, Vernon.

    • thewolfkin

      this is a case of it IS a disaster just not for the reasons he listed. The problem here isn’t that Captain America looks like he’s…. bungie jumping? or whatever that was supposed to imply. The problem is perspectives.

  • http://twitter.com/kappesante kappe sante

    not a psd

  • Anon

    Perspective problems. Farther should be smaller, which is correct with Nick Fury and…well, she doesn’t need a name. Unless he grew bigger while standing on that piece of debris. 

  • Christopher Reynolds

    It’s not just that he looks taller – he looks at least 40 feet tall! We can’t see his feet to know exactly where he’s standing, but his head appears to be on a level with the fourth or fifth storey of the building next to him. Meanwhile the Hulk appears to be even bigger: his height is variable to a degree, but he should only be three times the height of the others at most. These problems alone qualify as a PSD.
    Added to these perspective problems are the fact that the characters are lit by different lighting sources, none of which match the lighting of the scene they’re standing in, and (minor problem) Black Widow’s hair is blowing in the wind, but Thor’s hair is not.
    All these things add up to a picture where it is obvious that the characters have been pasted into the scene from other sources. To be fair to the Photoshop artist though, it must have been hard to fit so many characters into a portrait format scene and still retain dramatic impact.

    • Gary

      All valid, but I’d like to think Black Widow’s hair is bouncing from her walking toward the camera (it’s obvious she’s walking), not that it’s blowing in the wind. That would explain why Thor’s hair isn’t moving.

      I’d also like to think that Black Widow is walking because then I can imagine her boobs bouncing.

    • thewolfkin

      I disagree on the Hulk “3x at most” but the other problems all make sense. I wouldn’t call it a “disaster” but there are a lot of problems. I mean the Hulk is being primarily lit from the right and the rest of the characters are being primarily list from the left. Captn looks huge because perspective should be making him smaller but I didn’t get that from the blurb above which confused me. 

      Yeesh I’ve spent 80 seconds looking at this and it is pretty bad. This is one of the most important films for Marvel possibly of all time to date and they couldn’t just get these actors into a single green screen? Or at least into the same lighting and stitch ’em together.

      I guess at the root the problem is they sized the characters by importance rather than by perspective. They couldn’t afford to make Captn small because he’s just as important as Thor

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XFVYSTUCU5H4LBT4WUIC6AJ3JI Dan

    I am not seeing the PSD either, i need to find a larger version of this poster.

  • Guest

    Looks cool, so why bother? 

    Not a PSD

  • Brett

    I agree  with Felix. I can’t get past the fact that the actors are more important than the characters they play. Why didn’t they have Mark Ruffalos head on the Hulk?

  • Cropper

    Leave the Avengers AAAALLLLLLOOOOONNNNEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  • Kitty

    Can’t see the PSD myself. I guess the Cap’n America is a little taller than the others, maybe the perspective needs a little adjusting, but it hardly qualifies as a ‘disaster.’ Looking at the Hulk’s legs, in proportion to the rest of his body they look a little smaller (in that his legs end behind Iron Man) but again, not a Disaster. If no-one had pointed it out , it wouldn’t have been obvious to me (I admit I am an ‘untrained eye’) .

  • http://twitter.com/FancyBoys Fancy Boys

    Isn’t he just standing on a car or some other rubble?

  • Don_zegaton

    Where is Hawkeye bow’s string?