The good news is that your baby is fully functional and perfectly healthy.  The bad news is that the cloning process will require a little tweaking.

Other than this being an obvious cut-and-paste job with some necessary layer complexity, the Photoshopping here could be a lot worse with respect to skills.  Could a true expert have made it look less obvious?  Certainly. Could this concept have been much creepier?  Probably not.  And if it could, I know I don’t wish to look at it.  Let’s just hope that this ‘baby’ is bottle fed, shall we?

Thanks Elena for finding probably the weirdest disaster of the year.

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  • Guest

    Anyone read Italian? I’d love to know what the copy says.

    • FallOfTheUshers

      It’s an ad for an anti-wrinkle cream. It says: “Taking care of yourself, the secret to stay young”.  Which does neither makes this a PSD nor make the concept creepy.

      • Vernon

         Looking at that photo isn’t creepy to you? It freaks me out looking at it.

        • Le_Bob

          Creepy concept doesn’t mean PS disaster, though.

          • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin


          • P00t40t00t

            I’d say if the intent is to sell a product and the result is to scare the beejeebus out of people via use of Photoshop, that qualifies as a disaster.

  • Pontificate

    Looks rather like she is holding a doll of herself. Great idea – not working for me tho. Its totally unnatural therefor it may not resonate with some.

  • Miriam

    So unbelievable creepy… 

  • Andrew Bossom

    I think the photoshopping itself isn’t a disaster. Clearly, the brief was to have a woman cradling a baby-sized version of herself, and that’s what the GA delivered. The disaster is really that the GA was asked to do that in the first place, and that nobody thought it looked just too freaky for words. It’s like some concept art for an episode of “Doctor Who”.

    • Waldobaby

       Or this stuff is meant to be sold to  the 6-year-old beauty pageant set.

  • Miguel Farah

    My girlfriend can do that! Er… come to think of it, what does she need me for in the first place?

  • Miguel Farah

    The PS job isn’t that bad (although it does have some “rough edges”, like the “baby”‘s left hand “touching” the “mother”) – it’s the concept itself that’s dead wrong.

  • Cropper

    The “baby’s” legs are broken and the feet are too big. Sorry baby.

  • Viola


  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    She has a mini Mini-Me. she is far more evil than creepy.

  • kleenex

    I really do hope that someone got fired for this complete disaster…

    • kelseigh

      Doubtful, given this is probably exactly what the client wanted.  Is it a disaster when the PS artist does what they intended to?

      • P00t40t00t

        Every picture on this site was intentionally ‘shopped.  Disaster does not = accident.

  • QueenOfTheWorld

    Complete disaster. The miniature’s cleavage has been badly shaded out. And where did the giant’s left hand materialize from? Oh, yeah – apparently from the mind of the  evil genius who concocted this whole debacle.

  • Bev

    The only thing my brain can spit out right now is a “what” followed by a “the f*@k.”  That is unbelievably creepy!  I can’t believe it’s real — it looks like a joke.  Nightmare fuel.

  • Jshook

    Not a disaster. Yes to creepy.

    • Arec Barrwin

      I agree. The creep factor in this photo is a little too much. 

  • DigitalAge

    If you set your browser to 50% view and see the image as a whole, it’s soooooo much creepier. Gives me the heebie geebies! (And yes, it is a PSD if you look at the baby’s leg/foot and the left hand of the “mother”.

  • ZealotZebra

    Wow, Voldemort really benefited from that anti-wrinkle cream. 

  • Yo_momma

    I have no idea if this is a PSD or not–although the arm of the larger woman, the one the midget is sitting on, doesn’t seem able to connect with her.

    Even if that is the case it would be the least outrageous issue with this add.  It may get people in Italy talking but won’t sell a lot of wrinkle cream.

  • Jose_K Guerrero

    Creepy ? why?              

  • Gabriela Garcez

    How did anyone think this awkwardly plastic woman holding this tiny crippled version of herself is good advertising?

    • FallOfTheUshers

       It must be a cultural thing. As an Italian I don’t find that creepy at all. Not the most interesting idea ever, but not creepy.