John Frieda: Immacu-lame

For any man who has ever wondered how it feels to be a horny male black widow spider…

Yikes!  Talk about misdirection.  Because why else would you have a model give the camera such a stink-eye as this if not to distract from the creepy way her head appears to be turned?  It’s obviously a cut-n-paste from an entirely different shot where her head and shoulders face the lens straight on.  And while her “perfectly smooth hair” was no doubt the idea behind this perfectly smooth cutout, it’s a PSD because it’s simply too perfect, and nobody’s gonna buy either the product or the premise when it’s such an obvious fake.

Thanks Dee!

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  • patty

    moreover, maybe it’s me, but her arm looks way too long, have you seen the length of it ? 

    • Handystl

       meh, she’s got 2 elbows — no PSD here!

  • Waldobaby

    It looks a lot better if you flip the head

  • Elo

    she’s got one arm only? yes, but she’s got beautiful hair!;)

    • Mark McGehee

       Her other arm is holding her disembodied head.

  • Mark McGehee

    Your silky-smooth hair will defy the laws of gravity. Warning: Product may cause neck tissue degradation.

  • Claudio Corvino

    She looks great!!!

  • teleromeo

    Maybe we should try to find some things that ain’t wrong …

  • Clickety6

    I think I’ve seen this model before – crawling out of a TV set in “The Ring”

    • Bev

      AHA!  I knew she looked familiar!  Thanks, Clickety6.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    They had to fill the whole page! More is less. 

  • DJ Dedd

    Her hair is impossibly the same length everywhere. For any look other than this pose, it would have to look ridiculous.

    • kleenex

      This was an extra special ultra expensive hair cut.  NO problems.

  • funnyandspicy

    Adobe Photoshop has revolutionized design and change the history of digital photography, Drawing a beautiful girl out of nothing..

  • Bev

    Duh, Spider Models are always able to rotate their heads all the way around their necks.  No PSD.  😉

  • Cropper

    Her face almost looks human

  • CragAntler

    This pose should only be attempted by experienced professionals in the presence of a licensed chiropractor.

  • Stella

    I like how they staggered the edges of the hair to try to make it look realistic and in the process made it look less realistic. 

  • Dances with Lasagna

    Cannot. Unsee. It reminds me of Linda Blair in The Exorcist. “Your mother photoshops in Hell, Karras!”

  • webinventa

    Cool hair, Nice share. :)