As the world’s only known conjoined fraternal twins, Carlo & Sylvia not only rejected the pity of others, but their surprising comfort level with the strange card dealt to them by Nature was unsettling to say the least.

So, what’s with the snake?  Is she a shape-shifter in the act of metamorphosis?  Are there baby white mice in the jar?  Is this the next big winner of ‘Italy’s Got Talent’?  Does this ad in any way make you want to purchase these skin products?  Me, neither.

Nice catch Evandro.

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  • Lee Hulbert II

    Pretty sure the snake is there because they’re making an Adam and Eve reference in the copy.

  • Miguel Farah

    “Is she a shape-shifter in the act of metamorphosis?”

    She’d definitely be a rather odd one, considering she has two heads… (then again, it’s quite possible the “human” head doesn’t contain a brain, given it’s an imitation of a *blonde* woman)

    On the other hand (head), the girl’s nose looks pretty odd. PS disaster by omission?

  • kleenex

    Even Sexy legless women need a job.

  • Carl

    The cream is the forbidden fruit, the snake is Satan, and she is Eve magically growing out of Adam’s rib.  Makes complete sense XD lol

  • Bev

    That is the BEST concealer cream on the market.  This model’s “trouble areas” are obviously from the waist down, and now you can’t even SEE them.  Here’s my whole wallet — gimme.

  • Cropper

    Honestly, if he is big and wide and she is positioned carefully, I think that would work. It would fit nicely!

  • Jugstopper

    Silly! That is just the new Fleshlight-RealDoll mash-up.

  • Luis Oliveira

    Hey, there’s a “better”picture of this PSD at Luciano’s site: . It gets worse,as now we are seen the guy’s crack.

  • Me Lili

    I know what it means. I am Brazilian, and this ad is in Portuguese. It’s written, exactly:
    “The modern Eve now seducts her Adam like this… with her hair.”
    It is a hair product ad. That is the reason of the snake, they represent Adam and Eve. It is NOT a Photoshop Disaster.