Maje: Horse Buggy

Strange?  Perhaps.  But Giselle promised herself following the divorce that she would never again waste another precious moment with a horse’s ass, and she intended to keep that promise.

Either the rear third of this animal was simply too hideous to print, or the faux Roman column in the background was much too beautiful to hide.  The result is the same either way: a graphic artist whose skills are much too lacking to warrant a paycheck.

Thanks Dan. The original was found in Moms Magazine.

View PSD

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  • peanut

    penis penis penis

  • Felix Atagong

    You know this can all be done with mirrors don’t you? Or with a chainsaw…   Lovely PSD…

  • Mark McGehee

    I don’t know man…not sure that’s a photoshop. A larger version of that same image is on their website’s splashpage for the US version. Plus, there are numerous images of that model wandering around with the horse in tow. I think it’s just a weird chance positioning.

    • O’Brien Keturah

      I agree, the long drape on the horse can hide the back legs based on this angle.  I think it was a nice photo shoot.

  • Nicewriter

    Where are the shadows in floor tiles for the hind legs?

    • Waldobaby

       Well, the shadows that ARE there go in different directions. Her foot shadows agree with the window lighting. That’s the horse that wasn’t there.

  • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

    Look at the nice black border between the mane and the model on the horse back!

  • jdm8

    It is possible the hind end is behind the girl, and the legs hidden by her legs.  However, the horse’s back has a dark fringe by the window that looks like a hack of a cut for pasting into this image.

    • Mark McGehee

       I was wondering about that, too.  I was thinking that could be attributed to the pattern on the blanket that’s draped over the horse.  I was thinking that her heels were cut off too, but you can actually see the shadow of her heel in the foreground.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Who needs PS when you have wide-angle distortion!

  • Silvia Foco

    If you know horses, and the photographer doesn’t, mistakes are A LOT. when you choose a human models you choose a sleepy old lady? The horse seems unhappy and it has scars on the nose, caused by humans….an the neck on the upper line is flabby, it’s a big defect on horses!!!! In the video you can see it!!! This photo is a BIG disaster, no editing where it IS necessary. And.. please in the world there are LOT of nice horses..

  • Silvia Foco


  • kleenex

    This is what you get when you do not even have enough of cut and paste budget for a full horse.

  • LordManley

    The horse’s arse is visible – the legs are simply hidden – this is just a photograph of a woman and a horse – not a very pretty horse, but then not all horses are pretty.

  • Bev

    What, like you’ve never seen a model leading around a miserable-looking half-a-horse before?  You must be new around here.  😉

  • Cropper

    The horse symbolizes her man. The Disaster was done completely on purpose in this one.

  • Jarfil

    Not a PSD, just a weird perspective on the photo. You know, not every awful pic has been altered, you CAN shoot stuff that should just be trashed.

  • Bird

    So you of the ‘no PSD’ camp are trying to tell us that the entire back half of a horse can be hidden by an anorexic model? I say “horsefeathers!”

  • Jewel Raz

    hmm, divorce is happening all over the world. Sad news.

    • Yo_momma

       blog whore

  • Bargonzo

    I first actually thought that the horse’s rear just bent to the left and was hidden behind her back, but as she’s walking to the right, the horse should actually follow and bend the other way… either a PSD or MC Escher had his hand in here…