Photoshop Quiz: Vogue: Adele is that you?

Over the last month we’ve received the following Vogue cover that features Adele. A number of you mentioned that the photo was seriously edited to a point where the body and face barely resembles Adele.

Vote below as to whether you think Vogue took the Photoshopping a little too far.

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  • la_fille_au_balcon

    Looks like a mashup of Adele and Lana del Rey…

  • Clipping Path

     Looking so gorgeous  image it is…

  • Clipping Path Services

    Cool image. Good photoshop job.

  • Lujza

    sheś got beutifull face, this was really not needed!!! WTF?!?! Looks like plastic barbie doll….more photoshop features you use, better cover:)))

  • Mark McGehee

    I think they might have dedimplized or undimplified her chin dimple.

  • Katherine

    Adele clearly wasn’t “beautiful” enough for their front cover. She is beautiful but clearly Vogue have ridiculous standards.

  • Owen

    I like that the photo is basically a myspace shot, only not self-taken.   The photoshopping doesn’t seem excessive, it’s just the makeup that was overdone.

    • Wolf-fish

      I agree about the makeup. It looks like one of those “glamour shots” that you can get in the mall.

  • Waldobaby

    There is nothing wrong here. It’s just the regular obsession with anorexia, that’s all. Perfectly normal and perfectly healthy.

    Add rule #23: keep changing the face until you need a name tag.

  • Cropper

    They expect us to believe this S**T?. Well, yes they do.

  • Kasey

    I think it’s really well done. And the make-up, it’s Vogue people. The make-up is obviously going to scream fashion. And these specific photog’s btw do all their own genius retouching.