Staudigl Druck: Bogus Bengal

“Trust me on zis,” Siegfried told his partner Roy. “No woman on zeh planet could run very fast in zees boots, und neither will Montecore.”

Here again we have that tried-and-true recipe for failure of mixing 2D with 3D layers.  Add to that the obvious inability of this GA to wrap his/her head around the concept of logical layer stacking order, and voila!  A PSD is born!

Thanks Jerry.

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  • Stephen Whibley

    Well the image looks different during the day so I’m sure there’s some bizarre concept at work here….

    • Stella

      Wow, I never knew tigers were nocturnal.

  • Leif Beaver

    That is Rawrly bad.

  • Bargonzo

    By day, you only see the boots, and the text is: “Men, just wish for the night to come”…

    At night, you see the tiger-in-boots and the text “Staudigl Print makes even unusual wishes come true”.

    So I think it was intentional to have the boots in the foreground. They should have overlapped them more with the pink card to make this more clear. More of an art direction failure.

  • Peter Müller

    This is not a PSD.

    At day the poster shows only the boots and the text “Men, make a wish for it to be night”.

    At night it shows the tiger in boots holding a sign with the text “Stadigl-Druck will also make unusual wishes come true”.

    Druck translates to print, so this is a printer trying to gain attention through humor. It’s quite delibarate, and it got your attention as well ;)

    • P00t40t00t

      Yeeeaaahh…it’s still terrible.

  • Cropper

    Not a PSD. Just another example of how cool life is in Europe. Did ya see that awesome bus stop?! Dang!

  • kleenex

    Worst Halloween costume ever!!!

  • Bev

    I understand the concept, but I still think the direction was a bit off.  Give ‘em the boot!

  • CragAntler

    Worst “Puss in Boots” art ever.