The lastest trend in bridal gowns by Vera Wang combines every bride’s desire to shed those last few pre-wedding pounds with a state-of-the-art sash made of carbon nano-tubes which mimic both the function and results of gastric LAP-BAND®surgery.  Ask your wedding consultant if the WANG-BANDTM is right for you.

This is wrong on multiple levels.  Not only has the GA pinched this poor girl’s waist to cartoonish dimensions, but also failed to even match the original color as shown in the rear angle photo.  Any bride who gets married looking this thin should be climbing into an ambulance instead of a limo upon exiting the ceremony and taken straight to the ER for intravenous feeding.

The original was found by the DailyMail.

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  • http://snowrollersden.blogspot.com Nicewriter

    “Got myself a cryin’, talkin’, sleepin’, walkin’, livin’ doll.”

  • Ben

    Looking at the photo in the Daily Wail, you can quite clearly see a lot of ‘noise’ between her photoshopped outline and roughly where her outline was in the original (unmodified) photo…

  • Valdaglerion

    Your commentary’s a bit judgemental about skinny people, don’tcha think?

    • Shu

       Not really, considering they meant how her waist is so photoshopped it’s cartoony. if anyone’s waist is that tiny, they probably have health issues. plus, it looks wrong because he hips are normal, but like i said, the waist is so incredibly small. i’m sure they didn’t mean to offend any skinny people.

    • jdm8

      I disagree.  It just doesn’t look real. When a waist to hip ratio looks to be about 1:2 when it should be closer to 2:3, I think it’s fair to ask questions about whether that is real.

      • http://ribbitacoustics.com/+ Christian Dannie Storgaard

        Just to know, people with these dimensions do exist. Unless someone can point out the obvious errors in the picture (warped background and similar) I don’t see why these pictures couldn’t be of two different models. As for the colour, the backgrounds have the same colour issue as the dress, so it does not look like it’s due to any manipulation of the dress.

    • http://www.www.psdisasters.com/ Scooter

      Yes, without question.  Skinny people are so looked down upon in society, and for good reason.  This is why so many magazines, billboards, TV shows and movies employ and display skinny people on a daily basis — to make the rest of the world aware of how very, very hard life is for the chronically skinny.

      Thank you for standing up for the rights of skinny persons everywhere.

      • http://ribbitacoustics.com/+ Christian Dannie Storgaard

        That’s not really the question that’s debated here, now is it?

  • Nobody

    Considering the photo taken from her back, I have absolutely no idea why somebody saw fit to make her thinner.

    Cartoons are funny, the photoshopped image is just sick.

  • Cropper

    Her face looks like they just tightened the WAND BANDTM sash and she is gasping for air.

  • Bev

    This is one of those pictures that looks weirder the more I look at it.  And I agree that her face makes it look like she’s sucking it in for all she’s worth!  Terrible, all around.

    • Waldobaby

       I think it’s a triumphant merging of the adenoidal pug-nose motif with that of heroin-chic.

  • frenchyimfaking

    I can pretty much guarantee that the problem isn’t only that they took her waist in a little… but that they decided to push her hips out quite a bit. Brides just LOVE that hourglass figure, but this is getting ridiculous!!

  • Guest GA

    You can clearly see the bow on the side of the sash in the frontal view.
    No bow can be seen from the rear view.

    • Nobody

      On the front view, some of her hair is on her shoulder, and some on her back.

      In the rear view, all of her hair is over her shoulder.

      The background is different as well.

  • Catse2000

    She also appears to be balancing in an off-balance position. I don’t know how she does it, but I know I can’t shift both my legs to one side and still stand in a perfect center gravity.

    • Stella

      Now that you mention it…she kind of looks like she has to pee.

  • Jimdelancy7294

    Has nobody here ever heard of a corset? Do you believe that your grandpa actually got your nose, too?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lightstriker-Stormyhahaha/1046633734 Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    That’s me after my sex change. 

  • Noemailprovided

    She looks hungry. I am afraid that is no PSD. I guess that model is severly anorexic.