Der Marathon Mann: Faulty Footwork

Commerzbank CEO Martin Blessing pauses his discussion of the weakening Euro to answer a question regarding his recent bungee jumping mishap.

This is no German banker. This is Sideshow Bob come to life! Either that, or somebody planted his Testonis a smidge too close to a moving steamroller. If you work for this guy, don’t cross him, or he’ll be sure to give you Das Boot!

Thanks Jona. The original was found in the German newspaper “Berliner Tagesspiegel” and features the chairman of the Commerzbank. View PSD

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  • loser078

    It’s probably just lens distortion. No photoshop here.

    • Mark McGehee

      I agree. If anything the PS disaster is in the contrast/brightness; not the lens distorted foot.

      • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

         yeap. lens distortion another Wrong Psd pic

    • Nico

      It’s sad how nowadays people are so used to photos being shopped that real ones are not recognized anymore…

    • Vile

      The psd here is the lack of ps. 
      Lens distortion, right, but should have been fixed, cause it looks stupid.

    • Jshook

      I am a photographer. That is NOT lens distortion. If it were, the lines in the floor would be affected and they are not. Yes, a PSD.

      • Cropper

        Agreed. Lens Distortion that stretched a foot that much would be obvious in the lines in the wood floor. Here is an example that shows how the distortion of the people goes with the distortion of the rest of the photo

        • Vernon

          I agree. I couldn’t understand why they would have made changes to his foot, any ideas?

          • Jshook

            I am mystified.

          • Jshook

            It’s about a “Marathon Man” (presumably a metaphor.) Perhaps there’s a German idiom about fast runners having long feet?

          • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

             Not necesarilly. the object 1 is behind the object 2. if you take a picture of a standing person with a wide angle lense… then the second legs looks very small.

          • Jshook

            But not just his foot. The floor is undistorted. Take some pictures. See how lens distortion works.

          • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

             you are forgeting this picture is cropped… and there for not showing the proper parrallel deformation.

    • Kookoo

       I agree, but it is still a PSD. What everyone seems to assume is that the person and the background are the same layer. They are clearly not. He was sitting elsewhere, his picture was taken with the wrong lens and his foot was affected by lens distortion. Then his distorted image was superimposed on the background with the window so he appears to be sitting on the 50th floor of his business tower. So basically, because they are two completely different images the floor was not affected by the lens distortion that affected the foot.

  • Erik Randolph

    I wonder who or what was standing to the left.  There’s a reflection on the floor of something, at least.

    • viOlator

      No one, this is that column between windows, like the one behind him.

  • Spillage Griffiths

    Can anyone paste the link to the original on the site please? As I suspect this one’s been taken at an agle again. Cheers. :)

  • YorkshireJumbo

    What’s he sitting on? It doesn’t look level, or is the perspective out due to the wide-angle lens?

  • zip

    yes lens distortion…golden rule, don’t use very wide angle lenses for people and don’t use them potrait

  • Bev

    The Sideshow Bob reference made me laugh – that’s immediately where my mind went too, when I saw that wacky clown foot!

  • Hege

    well, you know what they say about men with big feet…

    • Le_Bob

      They need big shoes, indeed

      Sarkozy’s famous for his extra height padding, this guy prefers to lie about length…
      Not sure how photoshop is involved, though. What’s the point of toying with his shoe?

  • kleenex

    One foot got run over by a steamroller, no big problem.

  • Dan Ryan

    This is the work of somebody pranking a dickish client and figuring (correctly, it turns out) that they’d never notice until after it was in print.

  • Catse2000

    I almost looks like someone tried to lengthen the floor to make the image a certain size and didn’t bother looking at his shoe. Whoever did deserves the boot…No pun intended.

  • Michael Grube

    You see, bank people struggle to make a living these days, so this guy just forgot to fully change from his night time job: Ronald Mc Donald.

  • Jugstopper

    Size (US) 57 AA, loooooong and narrow. You really don’t want to piss this guy off and have him put his foot up your ass!

  • CragAntler

    Looks kinda like Red Foreman got his foot stuck up Eric’s ass.