John Lewis: Skills On Strike

Seems like John Lewis is a little confused as to when they should and shouldn’t use Photoshop.
Have we missed any disasters here? I currently see 1 instance where they failed using Photoshop and 2 where they should have used it. Should those red chairs be there or did they forget to Photoshop them out?

Thanks Rob for the great find. You can see the original on the John Lewis site. View PSD

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  • Nancy Lazarus Taylor

    the chairs look like they belong; what about the missing part of a wall? a cabinet? on the right side. and the freaky hands around the clock.

  • Abdul Kadeer High-Definition

    first: the chairs.
    second: the halfway done clone brushing at the lower right corner
    third: seriously? the hand on the clock, that ugly lamp holder with wires!

    • Waldobaby

       Almost meta, no?

  • Kookoo

    It really looks like the image was supposed to be cut just about half-way up the window, and probably through the middle of the clock. This way there are no hands on the clock and now wires on the lamp holder. Then someone (probably a marketing manager) decided to use the whole of it instead, and “You! Photoshop monkey! We have 15 minutes left and I need you to sort this out!”

  • Waldobaby

    Going to the John Lewis site you’ll see the version of this that was meant to be used instead of this uncropped screw-up, but the “real” version is wonky too. However, none of this excuses the shabby composition and the choice of chairs.

    • Vernon

      I only noticed that now. You can still see the disaster of the cupboard that never got completely removed correctly.

  • Wot

    that clock is sooooo appealing, I wanna get my hands on it right NOW!

  • Tactzords

    Back of the chair on the left is skewed compared to the ones behind the table.

    • LtPowers

      No; the backs are just curved.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    It would have been cooler if they had the guy(?) on his toes, leaning slightly towards the table, hold the lamp by the sting. 

  • kleenex

    It is the brand new IT thing to try to sell a product…  Fill the photo up with a PSD full of stuff to take away from how bad the actual product is…

  • Jshook

    When you’re rich you can pay people to follow you around and hold up a clock so you can see what time it is.

  • Cropper

    AAHHH!  A boom mounted lamp. This one is perfect for playing flying saucer.

  • BR

    Not so much a Photoshop disaster as a cropping disaster, I think.

    • Aaron Slater

      That’s my thought. From the incompletely painted-out buffet, the person holding up the clock, and the light on a boom (all in the periphery)  it screams “I forgot to crop this!”

  • Bev

    I want a half-visible cabinet and hands holding up my clock on the wall.  Thank goodness I now know where to get them….

    • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

       NO.. its a wall with a hidden cabinet you can clearly see it is a tear away wallpaper for maximum secrecy. no-one will know where you hide youre treasures.

      but the hands concept remmember me something like this (image attached)…

  • Steve_Schmeve

    The website link has made the cabinet disappear. The chairs remain, however.

    • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

       wait… what?! the lamps are the one for sale? o_O