“I’m a horrible mother!” thought Billy’s mom as she watched her son perform his tricks sans helmet.  Her self-loathing quickly abated, however, when she realized the new spray starch she was trying out was living up to all the hype.

The logic behind the decision to market sewing patterns for children’s wear by having them modeled worn upside-down is beyond me, but then again, what the hell do I know?  Maybe this will start a new trend and we can look forward to watching hot supermodels show off the latest fashions in Milan while performing a trapeze act. (Net not included.)

Thanks Jamie for the find! You can see the original the McCall site.

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  • Vernon

    The last post wasn’t a PSD fail in the end. 

    • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

      Told ya

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Photoshoppers should always wear a helment when they work. 

  • Jugstopper

    Well, his skateboard wheels are definitely NOT on a surface, soooo maybe he is falling head-first from a great height and the air resistance is pushing up on his clothes. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  • Leif Beaver

    Vernon nice work on keeping honest!

    Also, in regards to this one, who cares about the fail, check out the shorts! I think that that is more the fail.

  • Cropper


  • kleenex

    Sticky tape, lots of sticky tape…  NO PSD…

  • Bev

    Those shorts!  Hahahaha!  This kid’s outfit must be made of gravity-resistant plastic.  

  • Henke37

    They just used a lot of starch when washing the clothes, not a psd. That honor goes to the curved shadow.

  • Deranged Housewife

    I am laughing – I JUST saw this picture this week while looking up some patterns and thought it looked weird. And because I’m so freaking anal, I actually dragged the photo to my desktop and flipped it to be sure I wasn’t really losing my mind – it looks even more bizarre when you turn it the other way.

    • Deranged Housewife

      I also noticed that it looks like he has one shoe on the wrong foot.