Somebody’s been abusing his Shake Weight.

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!  Is there really any other excuse for allowing such god-awful graphics work to go to print like this?  Where is the quality control, Men’s Health?  You’ve got poor Zac’s arm looking like he’s the lucky survivor of a vicious shark attack!  One wonders if this is simply the result of a stressed-out and rushed GA, or perhaps a GA with some personal issues about Zac.  Hmm….

Thanks Jenny.

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  • Phillip Orozco

    i dont really see it. His arm is twisted which would pop the tri-cep out, and if Efron thinks his are nice then he would want to do this intentional pose. muscle groups are different on people. i think this is actually acceptable.

  • David Stevenson

    The singular of “triceps” is “triceps”.  Not “tricep”.  It’s short for Triceps Brachii.

    • Scooter

      Thanks!  I’ll remember that for my other job writing funny blogs for the JAMA.

  • michaeljimmy

    Agreed. Not photoshop. I can do that with my arms to. He’s just flexing his triceps.

  • michaeljimmy

    Word police? Really?

  • Stella

    I don’t know if it is shopped or natural, but I think it is subliminal advertising.  The muscle goes into a point to draw the potential magazine buyer’s eye to the headline “Your No Sweat Cardio Plan – Get Fit Faster Than Ever!”  Note that they also highlighted it in yellow and it is the only headline that is in front of the picture.  Apparently, the editors felt this article was the most likely to get people to buy this issue (instead of the article on how to Speak Her Sex Language).

    Also note how small the font for “Zac Efron” is  – they don’t expect people to buy their magazine because he is on the cover – so they had no problem showing him with a wonky-looking triceps.

    (and, yeah, triceps may be singular, but “a triceps” still sounds weird).

  • Dean

    That’s how a tricep is formed, everyone’s genetic make up is different I personally have a high triceps insertion point

    • Scooter

      This is a clean website.  Please refrain from discussion of personal bodily “insertion points.”

  • Cropper

    That photo on the cover of men’s health will get him many offers of sex and money. I mean look at Kim K. Just a lunch with Kanye set the Internet WORLD on fire!

  • Machinocracy

    Uh, much worse than his triceps are those taglines. For men, it seems, it’s all about sex and muscles. Burn fat, power diet, instant muscles – lol!
    No ones gonna get buff just from reading a magazine, but if you do just some jogging and a couple of exercises regularly, you’ll be fine. I guess a magazine about keeping yourself healthy might be an ok concept, but those lines are so boastful, they come off as desperate. Like they’re going to write “Buy this magazine and you’ll be buff and having lots of sex!”

    • David Vonrelem

      The thing is that the editors believe people are intelligent enough not to take those taglines literally. Apparently they’re overestimating SOME people’s intelligence.

      • Machinocracy

         It’s not about how literal each of these taglines are. It’s about the sheer number of very similar topics that all go in the same general direction. Though fat and muscles are obviously related to health as well, for a magazine called “Men’s Health” I’d expect a larger variety of topics than those related to impress women. I guess it’s easier to sell a lot of copies that way, but that’s where it’s so transparent.

  • Miguel Farah

    It looks like Mr. Efron was having a *bad* cramp in his arm (yet still managed to look cool – not a bad actor, then).

  • Waldobaby

    Give earned props to the typographer. She/he actually showed restraint (except for the yellow text highlighting) in making this mess, even though it almost doesn’t look like it.

    That last sentence makes little sense but I don’t know how to say it otherwise. To me, this cover works from the technical grunt’s point of view. You might criticize NOT editing the arm muscles in this picture that appears anatomically valid, but in the end someone earned their money and went home happy.

  • Inocentharry000


  • postman

    Not a disaster. It looks fine. Waste of a post.

  • CragAntler

    From what I’ve seen of body builders, the bigger their muscles get, the grosser and more “alien” they look.  This actor doesn’t look big enough to have body-builder style muscles like that, so it could be shopped I suppose.  Are there any pics of this guy with his shirt off?