Photoshop Quiz: Elle: Jessica Simpson

For this months quiz we have an image of Jessica Simpson who we believe was 6 months pregnant at the time. A ton of pregnant mothers claim that Jessica’s legs have been overly Photoshopped and we’d like to see what you think. 

Vote below as to whether you think Elle went a little crazy with the Photoshop.

Be sure to leave a comment as to why you thinks it’s a disaster.

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  • Jugstopper

    Looks like Jessica took an overdose of NoAssAtAll. Pregnant women need to be careful with that drug.

  • mahler76

    no way. all natural ROFL!!!

  • Meerclar81

    You can definitely see that the bit of leg above the man’s arm does not match the bit of leg below the man’s arm. Plus, non-photoshopped pregnant women get big asses to counterweigh the belly LOL!

  • Wot

    I wouln’t call that “help” from photoshop, she looks deformed!

  • Pregnantoo

    I’m past 8 months pregnant right now, and have to say that it is certainly possible to get no ass or bigger legs (I’m proof of that, I also must have overdosed inadvertently on NoAssAtAll). But my legs do not look deformed, fleshy cones somehow attached to a non-existent pelvis. Heck, hers don’t even match each other in shape!

  • Bev

    If her legs were really that small, she’d topple over like an orange on a toothpick.  And don’t even get me started on that ridiculous Barbie hair.

  • stella

    If I cover most of the pic with my hand, the legs look fine to me.  But her butt/hip area looks wrong – too small.  Unless She has been using a fake butt in her nonpregnancy pictures.

  • Cropper

    Now that she is pregnant she seems more like a real woman… except for the PSD. 

  • Krystle Schweizer

    Shame on you, Elle. Jessica’s legs are more muscular and shapely. Photo-shopping sets an unrealistic expectation of what “real” pregnant women look like.

  • Megan

    Never mind the leg, the bump has definitely been photoshopped. 

  • J B Nunes

    Photoshopped legs, ass, belly and breasts. The whole package!