Photoshop Round-Up: Links We Love

We had an eventful couple of weeks here at Photoshop Disasters, spotting everything from giant smartphones to a chicken-legged Jessica Simpson.  We even had another Thing sighting, which always makes our day!  Now it’s time to turn our attention to the many ways in which our beloved Photoshop has been making headlines ’round the web.  Have a great weekend.

  • Model Coco Rocha slams Brazilian Elle for Photoshopping her to look nearly nude. [NYDailyNews]
  • A compilation of amazing digitized and Photoshopped Fembots, created by digital maestro Michael Oswalds. [BuzzFeed]  
  • 18 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped. [Cracked]

  • People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful People” issue has a special section featuring stars without make-up or Photoshop.  We think Zooey Deschanel still looks pretty good here.  What do you think?  [BuzzFeed]

  • Is this model a real-life Barbie doll, or is it a Photoshop hoax?  You decide.  [Styleite]

That’s it for this week’s round-up!  We’ll be back on Monday with more disasters.  In the meantime, don’t forget to join us for daily entertainment on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

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  • Annstarrr

    The Barbie model is interesting. The lack of texture and shadow on her skin makes me think she’s used the blur tool a bit too much – her skin texture doesn’t look human.  Then again, some young people just have really really nice skin. She’s obviously wearing a corset in her pictures. The teeny tiny waist and the bowing out ribs (not referring to her boobs) above the waist give it away. I imagine she probably enhances the effect a little with Photoshop. As for her face, you can get that look with makeup – check out multiple YouTube videos for examples – but I wonder if, again, she’s enhancing it with Photoshop. My guess is that she uses a combination of genetics, exercise, clothing, makeup, and Photoshop to look like that.

    • Guest
    • ixache

       Add to that list diet, plastic surgery (breasts, nose) and posing (blank faces all the time).  To me, she looks more like a manga doll than a Barbie one. Like Rebecca Black, another case of a little girl with too much time and money on her hands, thanks to Mommy/Daddy.

  • Dilby

    She looks very consistent in a majority of her other pictures, most of which don’t seem to have any of the obvious effects of PS: 

  • Guest

    Coco Rocha was photographed wearing a nude body suit, but I understand why they would Photoshop out the lines of the body suit because it makes for a smoother image. If Rocha didn’t want to look nude, she shouldn’t have agreed to wear a body suit that makes her look nude because it’s obvious that that kind of editing would happen.

  • DSR813

    She’s really fuckin ugly.. Thats all I gotta say. All that wasted money on plastic surgery just to look ugly. I dont get it