ROAD TRIPPING is a zany new comedy series about four incompetent graphic artists who bounce from one town to the next in a madcap search for meaningful romance and stable employment.  Cast includes “that guy from SCRUBS” and “the girl who played one of the moms on that CHRISTINE show – no, not her, the other one.”

So many PSD’s, so little time.  My favorite is the blonde girl’s missing reflection in the pool/fountain/whatever at the bottom of the screen.  There’s plenty more, but I’ll leave the rest of the fun of pointing them out to you guys. How many disasters can you find and what’s your favorite?

Thanks Michiel. You can find the original on the AutoWeek site.

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  • James Dominguez

    It’s the all-over-the-shop lighting and inconsistent (and frequently absent) shadows that really hurt my brain when I look at this one.

    • Kathleen Sykes

      I agree. What bothers me the most is the direction of the light on the blonde girl and the guy at the trunk and the direction of the cast shadow from the car and “trees” are going in different directions… :S

  • Guest

    This poor lady in the centre has no legs …

  • Marek H. Eliáš

    The blonde is actually too far from the pool’s edge to be reflected in the water. You can see the top of the tree and if she were reflected, THAT would be a disaster.

    • Fool

      Yes. But if that were true you wouldn’t be able to see the guy on the right reflected in the pool either (in the larger picture)

      • Marek H. Eliáš

        Look again. She’s only approaching the pool, the guy on the right is much closer to it. Of course, none of those people was actually there but her missing reflection is not a PSD.

    • Deljdsalkjfdas

       Yeah but “Scooter” thinking that you should see the reflection from that angle is so precious.

      • Scooter

        Not as precious as having a user name that reads like you had a stroke while writing it.

  • Mark McGehee

    It gets worse in a larger image.. .

    The legless Amazon behind Guy Pierce is sort of hot. Wait, is this a still from Memento 2?

  • Waldobaby

    Aside from a wonky light source, the rigidly cloned tire is a bit lame. Just how small ARE these people?

  • Steven Trooster

    The lady in the middle does have legs. She’s just sitting on her knees.

  • Ben

    As with James, it’s the shadows that get me. The car’s shadow points bottom-left, but the glasshouse appears to be shadow-less, the chap on the left’s shadow appears to be pointing top-left, while the chap on the larger image on the right has his shadow pointing bottom-right.

    If only we could see immediately below the camera – i.e. the rest of the pool…

  • Katiedot

    The blonde on the right can’t have a reflection in the pool because firstly she was never there and secondly she’s too far away from the pool to be seen from that camera angle.

    Apart from the weird shadows, the worst thing for me is the lady in the car.  The only explanation is that she’s somehow kneeling up inside the car because she’s clearly inside, but unless she’s an amputee can’t be standing and certainly isn’t sitting.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that the guy at the rear of the car is loading something into doors that open into another dimension?  Surely they’re not attached to the car in the picture?

    • Cvwillegen

       If only the seat that’s nearest to us is folded up, her knees (that she sits on) could be hidden behind the fold…

  • Nicewriter

    The guy on the far right with the chair, isn’t he supposed to be reflected in the glass behind him? Or is he a wampire!!!?

  • Dai

    Nothing wrong with it – the photo was taken on planet Laguna 3 which has three suns and people with orange legs who randomly carry chairs around. Honestly, do you people know nothing

  • Ernst Berkhout

    If it’s a pool, then what are the perspectively correct ridges between the slabs extrapolated there?

    • Jshook

      It’s a shallow reflecting pool and the lines are the tiles on the bottom? It seems like an odd mistake to make if it is one, because… why?

  • kleenex

    The photo has many problems because  they fully wanted to get on this website….  What is the disaster in that??? 

  • Jshook

    “My favorite is the blonde girl’s missing reflection in the pool/fountain/whatever at the bottom of the screen.” Before you criticise a reflection, you should understand optics and parallax.

    • JStass

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who found it amusing that his favorite disaster isn’t a disaster at all, despite the many others he could have chosen. Or was that intentional?

      I do, however, really like the fact that the blonde girl is mysteriously carrying a folding chair. Maybe it’s just me, but if I take any chair on a road trip, it’s a camp chair, not a folding chair…

      • Luke

         While its true that the reflection should be positioned in such a way that she isnt visible, but the part of the branch shown in the reflection is behind the girl, so based on the reflection, she SHOULD be there

        • Jshook

          No it’s not. I’ve indicated the part of the tree that is reflected in the water:

          • Louis Melledy

            Jshook is correct,   The half woman is the biggest fail in my book, unless she is on her knees in the car, could happen, while she is folding down the seat.

    • Scooter

      Stop it!  I get goosies all over when you use big city words like ‘parallax’!

  • Bev

    Half a woman is better than no woman, right?  No?  Never mind then.

    • Waldobaby

      Perhaps.  Which half?

  • tbhouse

    I wonder how all 6 people are going to fit in this little car after the chairs and the mysterious tube-like things are loaded into the vehicle.  They could have save themselves a lot of trouble by just cropping out the bottom and not worry with the reflections. But I guess reflections are “in”.

  • Someone

    I believe this is a real picture. I think they went crazy with the lighting is all. The blonde should not reflect in the pool (too far away, the tree reflection is from the top of the tree). The woman in the car is taller than the driver because she is kneeling (sitting on her knees) inside of the car, this is also why she is missing her legs. The guy in the back of the car has inconsistant shadows because it is obvious they are lighting him seperatly. Look at the shadow around his feet. They are a little lighter in shade because they put a spot light on him. I can only assume the reasoning would be that having a dark skinned man would not show up very well if photographed standing inside of a shadow from the car. The only thing I think is fake are the tires. They probably thought it would look better to have the tires match. They probably copied one and pasted it over the other. If they were both fake why wouldnt they have made them straight, not slightly turned clockwise. I love how everyone thinks it would be chaeper to photoshop the hell out of this than just pay a few people to stand around a car and take a few shots. I have been there done that on both. It’s cheaper to shoot something like this.