This is the normal reaction when a cobra encounters a bad-ass honey badger.  Honey badger don’t give a sh*t!

No way is this sweet Shelby Cobra performing a wheelstand on those street tires.  Note the light showing through the tread of the rear tires, for there would be none if the car were actually digging into the road, not to mention some blur on the wheels of a moving tire.  But the real tell is the front right tire, where the GA was rather sloppy with the edgework, as well as the clone stamp tool used to replace the actual tire with road imagery copied and pasted from, oh, just a few millimeters to the left, as evidenced by the repeating pattern of gravel and failure to color correct.

Thanks for the find Bob. You can see the original on AutoBlog

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  • Tadas

    Finnaly a good description that i can understand. Most of them were just some hipster talk with a bunch of obscure references.

    • Dewafjsdiade

      Yeah that’s because “scooter” got it from the site that’s linked where they discuss the photoshop fail. Without actually acknowledging that he’s doing so…

      • Leif Beaver

         Naughty Scooter.

    • CragAntler

      I’m guessing Scooter is American cuz I am too and I get most all of his references.  Not seeing a whole lot of euro, latin or asian refs, and those would be “obscure” to me if I did.

  • Leif Beaver

     Maybe it is doing a bunny hop?

  • eakl8

    Mmm.. ok.. but pointing out the sloppy clone work on the front masks?!?

  • kleenex

    The car did not need to be treated like this.  It has 1000HP!!!

  • Mario

    The rear driver side tire’s inside edge was copied from the rear passenger tire – which is from the wrong angle.  It should look like the front driver tire.
    I’d say the photo was taken with the front wheels on 2 blocks.
    They obviously weren’t skilled enough to move the tires via photoshop.

  • Guest

    Forget the sloppy touch ups. The first thing anyone SHOULD have noticed is the front suspension isn’t unloaded. The front wheels should be hanging! They’re not.

    • dthree

      Also, no twist from torque.

  • Muskoka

    Maybe they should change the name of this site from PsDisasters to PsDetections.

  • Cropper

    Race car = Vrooommmm VVRRoommm! Photoshop = sputter sputter wheeeeezzzzz

  • dthree


  • CragAntler

    Maybe this is a special edition Cobra for the East L.A. market, modified for lowrider bouncing.