A telltale sign that tensions had eased between the two universes was the formation of the Joint Fringe Division Surfing Club.

Obviously, there are many liberties being taken with various Photoshop tools to create a very poor illusion of more surfers than actually exist.  What intrigues me is the ‘why’ behind the image.  I’m gonna go with a scenario where the manager had a small photo of surfers, but was too cheap to have it framed because he already had this really wide frame in his attic that would fit the space perfectly, and… that’s when Javier, the cook-slash-graphic arts student, decided to make his big move.

Thanks Michael. The original was found at a Taco del Mar restaurant in Washington state. 

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  • PokePoke

    Props on turning one of their pants another color tho, thats dedication

  • Bev

    That’s what I was thinking, PokePoke.  At least they gave it the ol’ college try!

  • Cropper

    It’s like wearing those glasses in “They Live”. Once you know- you see it everywhere!

  • Tbrick

    Just flip them, don’t worry about the shadow.

  • Webby

    what’s intriguing is the fact that there are 13 of them, and the middle one clearly stands out with a sort of a halo…. looks like the surf version of the last supper…. Master surfer and his 12 disciples.

  • Waldobaby

    All phallic symbolism aside, it may be that maybe, just maybe, the guy was just having fun with the six guys he goes surfing with… 

  • Cody

    I was going to comment that I thought all Taco Del Mars must have this photo but then I realized it’s actually the same one I saw it at! Go Spokane!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIVEBTRYPARXTYH5EWHSTVDEDI handystl

    oh hai, opposing light sources 😀

  • Jugstopper

    Ohhh, so THAT’S why they call it a “longboard”!