Target: Hands Off

With all the times “Thing” has featured on the site I’m starting to think that the Photoshop gods are playing with us. 

Anybody want to take us through what happened here? 
Thanks Chris. You can see the original on the Target Australia Facebook page. 

View PSD

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  • Olofper

    I first thought you erroneously meant the girls own hand, but then I saw Thing sitting there on the woman’s shoulder.  A real renaissance for Thing, after having been almost forgotten for decades.

  • Damon Blackheart

    I had the same thought before spotting the hand on the woman’s shoulder. I still thing … er … think there’s something going on with the man’s left arm, it seems a bit too long especially if it’s flexed. Maybe not a PSD but a weird composition.

  • Nobradors

    Maybe Thing actually works as a professional model, and here we are all bitching against the poor GA… :p

  • Jillian

    I think it is the man’s trousers… they seem to be so fake!

    • Secondary

      Damn. i didn’t even notice that looking at the extra hand! lol.

  • Aroneous

    It’s the little boy’s right hand, duh.

  • Ben

    To me it looks like two separate images spliced together, and someone forgot to edit out the hand on the woman’s shoulder (or didn’t have the skills to successfully do it without making it look even worse!)

  • Cropper

    It looks like he “copped a feel” with his third hand right before they took the picture.

  • viOlator

    Thing is working hard lately.

  • kleenex

    All I see is a family of FIVE.  NO PSD…

  • Bev

    Extra hands never go out of style.  Welcome back, Thing!

  • stella

    “The Target quality you trust” hmmm, like to see them raise their rights hands and swear to that

    – or maybe they have found a way to show two hands and still corss their fingers behind their backs. 

  • Matthew Gerber

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a three armed sweatshirt? And for just $27! Bless you Target for thinking about the rest of us…bless you!

  • Jugstopper

    Shame on you for making fun of the Differently Armed!

  • Bruce Desertrat

    Well first the things manager embezzled most of its fortune from The Addams Family, then the divorce, the IRS liens, and the market crash of ’08 has forced it to work a grueling schedule of Zara and tabloid shoots…