I don’t know why I feel so tipsy.  I’ve only had a single glass.

Not sure why the only things that are in focus in this image are the girl and the bicycle, but I’m getting a migraine the longer I look at it.  Gonna go out on a limb here and assume that whatever this wine is, the price is the same whether bought by the bottle or by the glass.

Thanks Fay! You can see the original on the Torciano site. 

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  • Waldobaby

    Strong finger tips, cool attitude, modern girl has come far.

  • Abdul Kadeer High-Definition

    id like to think what they were thinking when they made this, but I can’t :

  • Catse2000

    It’s not even a clear glass–wait, is she trying to see what it’s like to have beer goggles on?

  • Guest

    maybe they tested the product too much! 

  • Nathanwellman89

    besides the awful disaster of the glass being HUGE! i think they were probably trying to use this as an advertisement for things being larger than they seem…  the best way to discover the reason as to why they created this image would to either ask them directly or have the actual advertisement information/text on the photo. other than that i think the look is great and the colors are beautiful. 

  • Mark McGehee

    Who needs alcohol when you have this picture?  I think that the source image began the GA’s descent into madness. “Oh, I’ve found this picture of a person taking a picture of a girl holding a wine glass. Now if only I can turn it into one of those cool forced perspective pictures that I’ve seen. Maybe I’ll just have a little wine and think about it.” Three bottles of wine later…

  • Joaquín Sebastián Fernández Li

    Image definition says its a frame grab from a video. if you look under the glass, you’ll see the out of focus stand of the larger glass. in the same way, you can see the regular glass that the girl is holding as blurry cast coming out of the wine of the larger glass.

    The larger glass is in proportion with the hand HOLDING A CAMERA. The girl is showing her glass to the camera, so the original video secuence was showing a girl posing to make her glass look bigger thans to a easy force perspective trick.

    Not a PsD, for me.

    • Nico

      Too bad the glass is vertical (look at the wine inside) and the base is normal-sized.

  • Anthony Wilson

    I actually LOL’ed!!

    • Wot

       Me too!

  • Ben

    Comparing the size of her hand wrapped around the stem with the base and vessel portions of the glass makes me think this is more than just forced perspective…

  • Cropper


  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    OMG she’s the one that took advantage of me 2 years ago. 

  • kleenex

    What?!?!?!?  No one of you posters here drink wine from a super duper jumbo size glass???

  • Bev

    Now that is MY kind of glass!

  • Jugstopper

    My grandma had a brandy snifter that looked like that. It had etched into it “Bet you can’t!”

  • Cerubus

    Her doctor told her she could have one glass of red wine a night.   He never said how big the glass had to be.

  • CragAntler

    Not a PSD.  That’s just the new “3D” filter from Instagram.  There’s still a few bugs to be worked out.