Vaseline: Finger Fumble

Darnell’s gullibility was his worst enemy, most recently landing him in the arena leagues for believing his teammate’s ruse that skin lotion doubled as a superior gripping agent.

Is that a thumb or an index finger?  Because if it’s a thumb, then that’s a stump where his ring finger should be.  And if it’s an index finger, then he’s growing a mutant finger bud.  One thing is for certain, and that is that no way in hell is this guy in the same room with that football!

I’m looking forward to reading the comments on this PSD. View PSD

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  • Michael Grube

    No PSD. It’s one of these new bowl-a-footballs with finger holes in it. Gives you more control!

    • Vernon

       Are you being serious?

      • Waldobaby

        Of course he is. Everyone here is. Didn’t you read the TOS? Anyhow, there is NO way anyone here is going to be able to explain this one any better than that.

        Actually, it’s an amputated ring finger .

        • Vernon

          I knew that was a dumb question….

          • Yo_momma

             There are no dumb questions; just dumb people who ask questions.

  • Ondřej Vágner

    It wasn’t until the end of the description that I noticed that there was a (sorry, Americans) “football” in the picture. My brain kept shutting down as soon as I looked at those fingers.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    I don’t get it. Even if his hand wasn’t mangle, are you suppose to lubricate your hand and ball for a better grip?

    • me

      Maybe they are advertising that their lotion doesn’t leave you feeling greasy so you can still handle things without them slipping out of your hands. Either way, that hand looks creepy.

  • kleenex

    NOW we finally see what his hand really looks like after playing NFL football.

    All that Time on the FOX NFL Sunday pre game show he must have been using a lot of time in the makeup chair.

  • gianni777s

    At first, I thought if that is an ugly thumb, maybe his ring finger is under the ball to support it. Then, I tried to hold a football like that. There’s no way to hold it like that if the thumb is in front of the ball!

    But more than that. How do these “disasters” get published? Where is the quality control guy to sign off on these?

  • Bev

    Why in the world would they choose to highlight his mangled hand?  I don’t get it.  And like Lightstriker said above, why Vaseline?  So many questions….

    • RickRussellTX

      Both hands are mangled from years of dislocations and breaks on the football field. 

  • Jshook

    Lens distortion. Everyone knows that if you use a camera to take a picture of someone it comes out like that. No PSD.

  • Cropper

    Maybe they did it on purpose. Some sort of subliminal message having to do with Vaseline and …well you know.

  • Mildheadwound

    I worked on this job and we definitely questioned the shot when it came in. Ultimately, that is not his thumb, which obviously must be on the other side of the football, or he wouldn’t be able to hold it. But yeah, those are some freaky fingers, (the pinkie freaks me out more the the thumb, like some weird, baby lamprey eel), and who knows what the studio who supplied the shot did to it?

  • stella

    Possible explanantion – They had a picture of him with his hand up, and all they had to do was photoshop in the football.  The problem was that you cannot have all the fingers and the thumb on the same side as the football (especially if you are advertising something known for its lubricating capabilities, not its adhesive ones) – the pesky PsDisaster readers would have a field day with that one. 
    But the GA wasn’t good enough to remove the thumb in a way that made it look like the thumb was behind the ball.  So he/she replaced the thumb with the index finger.  Now there was a big gap where the index finger used to be and the PsDisaster readers would probably notice, so he/she moved the middle finger to the index finger stub.  This finger shifting continued until it came down a choice between (a) leaving a gap between the ring finger and the pinky, (b) moving the pinky over and leaving a stump on the side of his hand, or (c) cloning the pinky or the ring finger – making him have five fingers in addition to the supposedly hidden thumb. 
    Obviously, after realizing that us PsDisaster readers are good at counting and at noticing odd bumps on the sides of hands, the GA went with leaving a gap where they ring fingers used to be, but he/she curved the pinky in so that it would be less noticeable. 

  • BMW

    No wonder his fumble count was so high! (I know he plays on defense….just couldn’t resist.)

  • BOBO

    He has weird fingers and his pinkie really bends like that. See here in the videos

    • Jugstopper

      DAAYYUUUM! Those are some messed up fingers! He seems so nonchalant about it too. His pinky finger is even worse in real life than in this photo. So, not a PSD, but a FFD (football finger disaster).

  • Guest

    Yet another not-a-PSD that could have been avoided with 10 seconds of google.

    Bravo, PSD. Another hard day of work.

  • CragAntler

    Is Vaseline for Men made by Monsanto?  Cuz that would explain a lot.