Someone needs to translate those Photoshop guidelines for our Chinese friends.

The original was found on the Hangzhou Yuhang government official website who later published the following apology:

May 9th, my company submitted the news manuscript of the “Completion and Transfer of the Green Landscaping Project of Nanhu Beach Park” to the Yuhang District Government Portal Website, along with photographs of technicians on location conducting inspections. Due to unsuitable work processes, there were serious mistakes in the uploaded photograph. With regards to the errors of our work, we deeply express our apologies: We sincerely accept the criticizes of the netizen masses, and wholeheartedly appreciate the concern netizens have given us.

Found by ChinaSmack

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  • Catse2000

    Oh god! More flying Asians!

    • timmaguire

      That pic reminds me of the dance move in West Side Story where they all pull up their legs and for a moment the sharks (or jets, whichever–the white guys) are hanging in air. It lasts just a second but is a neat effect.

  • Ben

    That looks suspiciously similar to the earlier set of photographs of technicians inspecting a new road that were also an obvious cut-n-paste job.

    Still, it’s rare for anyone responsible for the disaster to hold their hands up and say “Oops, mea culpa”, let alone the Chinese government (who under other circumstances are generally more reluctant to listen to outsiders)…

  • Speising

    well, they apologized for delivering a bad ‘shop, not for faking per se.

  • Cropper

    Concerned Netizen Masses

  • kleenex

    These are aliens dressed as Asian people, NO PSD….

  • Bev

    Invisible hover crafts?

  • Tyler Woodfin

    Clearly, it is photoshopped. I can see it, I’m just having trouble knowing why. I’ve been staring at this guy’s feet for 5 minutes wondering if it’s a shadow issue, placement issue, or what. Can someone explain?

  • Leif Beaver

    That photo is Imposibruu!

  • Leif Beaver

     Yes I am still here too! haha.

  • timmaguire

    Why, though? Couldn’t they just take a picture of people standing around?

    How many source photos are we talking here? Even the plants look like they came from independent photos.

  • CragAntler

    I heard there was an entire city in China built for the sole purpose of creating bad Photoshop propaganda images.