Is it just me, or are they doing some amazing work with the faces on mannequins these days!

Either this is a PSD for its copious amounts of air brushing, or this girl has an unlimited credit line with Revlon and can pretty much just take immersion baths in concealer.  Have the editors at Cosmo-Poland no shame?  Have they no vowels?

Thanks Ola. You can see the original Pudelek site.

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  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    that’s not a disaster. just imagine her bald. 

  • Sabine

    The left eye seems to be lower than the right one…?

    • Leonard

      Yeap, at first glance I thought that was the PSD…

  • Blurgle

    Millions for airbrushing, not a penny to straighten her crooked face.

    • Blurgle

      Replying to myself – if candid shots of her are to be believed, her face isn’t even crooked in real life. What the hell, Cosmo Poland?

  • Mophtopher

    Y-…You can see the brush lines. Like REALLY see them.

  • Chmr

    Pretty sure that the face, body and bikini come from 3 different photographs. That’s why her face look crooked.

  • Cropper

    My brain is going back and forth: mmm attractive, skin is painted on, mmm attractive, skin is painted on, mmmm attractive, skin is painted on…….

  • Erik Randolph

    I can’t help looking at that face and seeing Alfred E. Newman.

    • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

       Alfred E. Newman has been on more magazine covers than any model.  Over 400 and going strong.

  • Bev

    Wow.  They even covered up the prominent “MATEL” stamp!

  • Kasia Vetch

    That’s also her – in reality.
    Now she’s making money on advicing young moms how to stay sexy after giving birth. Cuteness overload.

  • CragAntler

    Now we know where they came up with the original color for Bandaids.