Cycling Wellington: PATH-ETIC

Upcoming games to be released this year include “Cyclist Tycoon 4,” which allows gamers to place bike paths in photo-realistic locations across the globe while computer-generated “sim-cyclists” traverse your creations with enthusiastic abandon.  Don’t forget to place restrooms and bike stands at regular intervals!

Zoom in close on this beauty and you’ll be treated with all manner of PSD goodness!  Who loves the gigantic kid riding point for this entire group?  I DO! I DO!

Thanks Ben. You can see the original on the Cycling Wellington site.

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  • Richard Samul

    “I don’t understand why this ‘Path’ option is working!”

  • Mark McGehee

    By the gods, that is one gigantic child.

  • Bev

    OMG, the giant kid leading the charge is KILLING ME.  hahahahahahaha!

  • Cropper

    That is a good bad one!

  • The Emir of Groofunkistan

    ooo, I like the blurry path that woman is about to walk off the end of.

  • Damon Blackheart

    You idiots, it’s not a gigantic kid it’s forced perspective !

    Ok seriously. This one is a magnificent wreckage, like the train that is
    likely to crash on the distorted rails, or the vanishing fence … a
    real treat! 

  • blog ward

    It’s the magic bridge that gets me

  • stella

    If you look at the size of the front kid’s bike and compare it to the size of the second kid’s bike, the size might be okay,  but the front kid looks heavily padded – darn overprotective parents – or he has an oddly shaped body (I have known a few kids shaped like that – they usually grow out of it). 

    However, the lady in the front is very, very tiny

  • Pwiley2

    genetically engineered bushes by the blur path 

  • kleenex

    Unless you can show me on google maps where that photo was taken the whole thing is debacle….

    We have some train tracks which go somewhere.  In the back it looks like we have a two lane bridge for cars which goes into the cycling path, but the cycling path has no lanes what so ever.

    Plus we have park benches behind the cyclists which fully did not get the full Photoshop treatment.

    So I think we have more than one photo slapped together to make this mess.

    • mermaidnz

       I live in Wellington and I travel along that motorway regularly. The train tracks and road are real, but everything between the tracks and the rocky shoreline is fake, as far as I know: there is no cycling path there, no park benches, and definitely no overbridge. It’s just a poorly done mock-up of what the cycling advocate group would like to see built there.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Oh so this is where the Bridge to Nowhere ends, the PDS Zone.  Where there are miniature adults, clone bushes, and cars driving on water.

  • Herouth Maoz

    I actually liked the way the benches are set up to look at the wonderful view of the railroad instead of, say, the ugly sea.

  • CragAntler

    The kid looks like a giant because the woman just left of him is way under scaled.

    This PSD makes me wanna go play SimCity!