The smart money’s on Norah to bring home Olympic gold in most of the swimming events this summer in London.

Besides the obvious, what is going on with this woman’s right wrist?  It looks like it’s bent back and the palm should be up to me.  In any case, I’ll wager this girl can flip a perfect omelet every time!

Thanks Robin. You can see the original on the Fotokoch site.

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  • Allaiyah Weyn

    They say if your hands are so big that you can  cup your entire face in one that you’re a spaz.

  • Ping Ling

    Dear Robin, when have you checked your own palm orientation? Maybe you have a problem there, because the woman on the photo has everything all right.

  • Mark McGehee

    Who’s on PSdisaster control lately? The real disaster here was the person who decided to crop this photo in such a way to give the illusion of a phantom, although proportionate, arm.

  • Airshotsphoto

    Check the fingernails. The hand orientation is correct. She has very flexible wrists.

  • Liz

    My girlfriend ca… no, wait. I’m a woman and I can do that.

    • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

      Your girlfriend can also do that. You can do that to each other. I mean together, rather.

      • Liz

        Sorry to bust your bubble but I like men :-)

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Don’t shit yourself over a non-PDS, people.  Relax.

    • sacke

      Oh, crap….

  • elizabeth

    It’s called hypermobility. I can do that with my hands. 

  • Bev

    Reminds me of that Terminator movie where the cop could morph into liquid metal.

  • CWP

    I think that the hand orientation is correct. Her wrist and hands are just very flexible. It looks like her hands have been stretched in length and this causing the image to look odd.

  • Cropper

    Look at that cool lighting! Somebody has a thing for ears.

  • Jshook

    Because of the location of her fingernails, we have to assume that he right palm is facing downwards. The folds of skin at the wrist look more like what you get when you bend you hand so the palm is facing upwards. Once again I put it to the mirror test, and did get that skin fold pileup when bending my hand so the palm is down. However, her right arm looks like how an arm looks when the hand is bent the other way (there is a hint of the tendons that sometimes become prominent when you do that.) So in the area of the arm from the cuff to the wrist, the arm is telling you her hand is bent back, palm upwards, but the hand itself is somewhat ambiguously saying “palm down.” Part of that ambiguity, I think, is because the back of her hand is cupped slightly, which makes it look a bit palmish. When I duplicate that position, the back of my hand gets quite flat. A younger, more limber person might conceivably have a concave back of the hand when the fingers are aggressively extended. Which they are here. I do think the fingers themselves have been Photoshopically elongated in both hands, along with possibly the hands themselves. I agree about her left arm. It just pops into the frame and looks like it belongs to someone else.

    • Drydoc

      Absolutley agree. Her palmaris longus tendon (which is on the palmar side of the wrist) is clearly visible and shows that her right hand is palm up. Her fingers have been flipped and grossly lengthened – look to be about 1 1/2 times longer than the rest of her hand. Similar butchery on the left.

  • Patricia

    My wrist looks exactly the same when I bend it. Not a PsD.

  • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin
  • Azazella

    i can do that even further so it’s not a psd 

  • almas

    Damn very flexible wrists. 

    • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

       that a very normal wrist. the ones that are flexible are her fingers. imagen… ours can go from 0° to 90°… she can go from -10° to 90° (at least)

  • CragAntler

    Madonna’s long reign as Queen of Vogue is finally over.