As life-like as the female version of the T-1000 may seem, the most reliable method of distinguishing them from humans continues to be the catwalk.

What’s with this girl’s right hip? I’ve seen less contour on a melon baller. And why is she dressed like a slutty server at Baskin-Robbins? Yes, miss, I’d like a scoop of mocha chip with some chocolate sprinkles and your phone number, please.

Thanks Jade! You can find the original on the H&M site.

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  • Waldobaby

    Other than a solid feeling that my sister could stand that way (she’s from Brooklyn and carries a knife, thus the attitude), it seems that her shoulders say that she and the dress were never in the same room together ever. The same goes for The Void. Is this from one of those smutty little games where you dress the naked chick by dragging clothes from the margin with the mouse?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=547419664 Mark McGehee

    Virtual Models for Scoliosis benefit tonight at the Liquefy Filter!

  • EK

    I already wondered about the models on the H&M-website lately, because if you browse through the site, you find that they mostly look the same! Only the heads and the skincolour is exchanged to make them look different. They all have this same pose and what disturbs me more is the hand on the left hip! It is so badly cut out that the index finger looks weird…They offer some kind of dressing room function on the website so I guess to make this function possible, they had to make one single shot in one pose to make all the clothes “fit” the “models”.

  • hockeyplayah

    Well, maybe she has a pillow under her dress! Or a stomach tumor? Yeah, there’s no way this would be rwal

  • Jshook

    The length of her right forearm id disturbing….

    • Jshook

      and is, also….

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    • Jshook


      • http://www.www.psdisasters.com Vernon

        I love killing those spammers!

  • Bev

    So it’s true what they say about horizontal stripes — they make you look like a mutant.

  • Skeptic

    The link to the H&M site does not lead there but to another PSD that is not related to H&M.

  • RespectTheLadies

    It’s a terrible photoshop job, yes. But slutty? I always surprises me how totally acceptable it is to throw the word slut around……….