Five-year-old Nikita strikes a prophetic pose, as he would later grow up to become chief designer of the popular Lada sedan by AutoVAZ.

The way the GA has butchered this child’s appendages, it appears as if he could not produce enough torque to tighten even a single nut or machine screw on that truck he’s cradling, causing us to suggest his next project ought to be an exo-skeleton to help him lift spoonfuls of Kapitan Krunch up to his mouth.

Thanks Bob. The original came from the corner of a box of cheap generic clone of Meccano from Chin.

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  • Miguel Farah

    Not a PSD! This is a Chernobyl kid. I *hope*…

  • Bev

    From the neck up, he’s a cherubic little imp.  From the neck down, he’s Mr. Burns.  What’s the problem?

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Cherubic, Chernobyl; what’s the difference? 

  • handystl

    erectosaurus rex

  • CragAntler

    “Dmitri, I’m concerned about Nikita.  I caught him playing with dolls today.”

    “Don’t worry.  Give him this erector set.  That will make him grow up manly and strong like bull.”

  • Andrew

    Pedantry alert : the Greek letters do look a bit like “Nikita” but they actually spell “elikia”, which Google translate tells me means “age”, as presumably does the cyrillic text next to it.