The bad news is that not only does Gabby have just a single right leg, but also a single left foot.  The good news is she qualifies for a 50% discount at nearly every pedicure salon in town.

Yet another one of these fashion shots where you can’t help but wonder what is going on underneath that dress!  Because it doesn’t seem to be an optical illusion, and yet I would not be surprised if she lifted up that hem to reveal Penn & Teller and a crapload of mirrors skillfully placed to throw us all off track.

Thanks Markus. You can see the original on the Oasis site. View PSD

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=547419664 Mark McGehee

     One legged models need work too.

  • teleromeo

    At least they did a good job on the shadow.

  • Waldobaby

    Just a thought, but WHY do you feel it is necessary to show both feet, and why does showing only one foot with an assumption about which leg it ought to belong to, signify a problem? Is there a problem because we can see only one hand? This picture DOES have some grace in spite of the location of the big toe. Leave it alone.

    edit: how about a button that says “trivial”?

    • Yo_momma

       How about a button that says “suck it, honey”?

    • BOBO

       Yeah but in Scooter’s opinion, it’s impossible to stand in a maxi dress in such a way that only one foot is visible.  And he DID prove himself to be an expert in photoshop, photography, anatomy, and reality in general.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Janee-Taylor/100002786114428 Jane’e Taylor

       It’s good practice to show both feet because it tends to look very odd when only one is visible.  As you can plainly see here, the lack of visibility of both feet makes the woman look like she has one weird leg.  It doesn’t seem natural.

      • stella

        Especially when the foot shown (her left) doesn’t belong to the leg the veiwer perceives is in front (her right)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ariel-Alejandro-Castro-Olguin/100000767641055 Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

       only 4 FINGERS?!

  • Zefredo

    I wonder if this picture is badly choosen. The reason may be the way models walk one foot behind the other, “on a wire”,  and caught on the fly while the model is walking towards the photographer, this may result  in the right leg hidden. (apologize my english, I don’t know if I am comprehensible )

    • Waldobaby

       “apologize my english, I don’t know if I am comprehensible”

      Better than most of us! I’m serious. NEVER apologize for your English. Some of us who have been practicing it or our entire live make less sense than you do.

      • stella


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L5DQFVHHBFI4PF2NWAP3RBJAHA kleenex

    The left foot should be over more right??? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lightstriker-Stormyhahaha/1046633734 Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    This would be so enchanting if she was floating with no feet.

  • Bev

     I agree, Mark McGehee.  You’ve got to hand it to her just for staying upright like that.  Good job!

  • Cropper

    They had to erase her foot because it is really really ugly! Like Martian Mutant ugly!

  • Gianni777s

    To all of you, I took the time to contact Oasis and they claim that the model is in motion while being photographed and her other foot is up behind the dress while she walks. They tried to link me to another view of her but the page was empty.

    I say Nay Nay, not Photoshopped.

    • CragAntler

      I say seriously?  Get a life!