AMICA: Eva, is that you?!

Amica magazine SAYS this is Eva Longoria on their cover. We call shenanigans.

Photoshop disaster

Via Yahoo Style.

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  • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

    besides the perspective… what other thing is wrong?

    • paran0id

      She’s not Eva Longoria XD

    • Bev

      She’s so ‘shopped, her own mother wouldn’t recognize her? Other than that, she looks great. ;)

    • Waldobaby

      She has many many faces, but with this one Lauren Graham could sue for identity theft.

    • El Ha

      Just look on the neck for instance…

  • Cropper

    Check out that beautiful beach she’s sitting by- NOT!

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Those are very juicy melons.

  • stella

    Sure, that could be Eva Longoria, jut not the Eva Longoria that was on Desperate Housewives – a web search reveals that there are 14 people (probably all women) named Eva Longoria in the United States.

  • Ashley E. Carter

    too pale!

  • Yo_Momma

    That should be EVAN Longoria, third baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays so it is even worse than it seems at first glance.

  • anygirl2012

    so many problems with this photo…I don’t even know where to start. lord.