One of the better-selling novelties at The CNN Store in Atlanta is the “Dana Bash” bobblehead doll.

Paste on head

That girl’s head definitely looks pasted on to me, but then what’s up with the body, as well?  The entire image looks like a screenshot from “Team Fortress 3: Morgan-Stanley Mayhem.”  The ever-popular sniper character has been replaced by this chick: The Forecloser.

Thanks Kathy. You can see the original Lake Forest site.

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  • Mark McGehee

    I guess their whoever is in charge of the graphics department missed most of their classwork.

  • Michael Grube

    Yep, totally agree with Mark. No PSD (and I never thought I’d say this one day). Following the link below the “avatar” explains what it is all about. It also provides a link to a demo movie:

  • Mike Birtwistle

    I think I’ve seen that guy on the left before….

  • Larry

    Always awesome when Team Fortress references show up!

    • JStass

      Sims would have been a much more appropriate reference, though.

  • Guillaume Threepwood

    Just read “A unique, 100% online virtual-reality learning experience”

  • Martin

    “A unique, 100% online virtual-reality learning experience” – the copy below the image. But you cropped that bit to make it look like a ‘shop job. C’mon guys, you can do better than this, surely?

  • Cropper

    SSSSOOOOOO the online learning course is the disaster.

  • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

    The black guy is the guy from SNL, right?

    • Kcolbert

      He’s a director at Pepsico and is an alumnus of LFGSM’s MBA program.

      • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

        Yes, of course, I know he is not Kenan Thompson. But he made me remember of KT and I made a joke. Not a good joke? Yep. But a joke.

  • Kcolbert

    Hi all … Kate Colbert in the marketing department at Lake Forest Graduate School here. Thanks for all the buzz today (albeit not the kind of PR we’re usually aiming for!). :-) As Michael and Mark imply, the photo in question is actually one of the avatar characters from our virtual reality Immersion MBA program. Meet “Cynthia.” All this buzz has gone a long way toward helping us realize that we might not have been clear enough in our usage of the image to help website visitors understand that we never intended for the image to be a rendering of an actual human being — but simply to pique the viewer’s interest about the virtual reality experience we offer in our iMBA program. Thanks to your feedback, we’ll be swapping out the image for a new shot of an iMBA student.

    • Ema Kozareva

      Congrats! The image is quite better. :)

    • Ema Kozareva

      Congrats! The image is quite better. :)

    • JStass

      Oh my gosh, that image is much less jarring. I hate to be a critic of the artists original choice, but… yeah… I think you got it this time.

      • Kcolbert

        Thanks, JStass!

    • Michael Grube

      That is indeed a much better picture, congrats! :))

    • Mark McGehee

      Definitely looks far more professional, and communicates what you’re going for much better!

    • CragAntler

      I guess we should have expected a fake personality from someone named “Colbert.”

  • meechy

    …aaaaaaaand, it’s gone. Bobblewoman replaced by smarty-pants stock photo woman who has mad seeing-out-of-the-back-of-her-head-to-surf skills.

  • KatemadeDesigns

    the guy on the left looks like his head was shrunk. 

  • Jamie Alder

    you cant be serious HOW ON EARTH could THAT EVER be ok’d for publication?!