Larissa was very excited to be cast in the lastest Star Trek film. Here she is posing between takes as “Ensign Petrova,” the hapless victim of a transporter malfunction.

Bike Fail

Forget the obvious clues of the missing hand and missing rear half of the bicycle. The real tell that this is fake is her shoes. No woman in the world would ever ride a bike in those high heels! Dummies.

Thanks Jonathan. You can find the original on the Neiman Marcus.

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  • Mark McGehee

    Is this a non-disaster disaster? The only suspect part of this image that I see is where the seat of the bicycle is resting on her shoulder. Otherwise, the rear part of the bike is obscured by her body, and the shadow in the foreground of the rear tire communicates that. Additionally, it would hardly be worth the trouble to get such an immaculate marriage of bicycle and background where the spokes and brake cables of the bicycle are concerned.

  • ixache

    This picture is sure very strange at first sight: a (supposedly) stylish model effortlessly carrying a bike under heavy sun? But the closer I look at it, the more I am convinced that all the oddities can be explained away, and that the model, the bike and the background were all shot together in the same place at the same time.

    For example, the missing hand is holding the bike frame and is hidden by the wheel; the cut and paste look of the model can be understood as an effect of the light coming from behind her and the gloss of her vynil pants; etc. Surely they applied a bit too much sharpening in post-production, but that’s all that I can see for the time being, even though I’d like it very much to be a PSD.

    Is there anyone that could convincingly open my eyes?

    • CragAntler

      The angle of the bike frame and size of the front wheel demand that the rear wheel of the bike extend beyond her body.  Rear wheels do not pivot like the front one, and therefore could not be turned straight on towards the camera allowing her body to hide it.  If this is not shopped, then I guarantee you this is only half a bike.

      • Bob/Paul .

        You can see the shadow of the rear tire down by her feet. Here’s an example of how she’s holding it:

  • Joaquín Sebastián Fernández Li

    as ixache said, it’s not a photoshop disaster.
    just a very bad lense lenght decision.

  • l’vern

    There’s nothing fake about this image. You’re trying too hard. There are plentiful REAL bad ‘shops, why waste your time chasing mere awkward compositions?

    • CragAntler

      Because they like to here you whine about it.

  • Tiberius

    I’m a photographer, and I gotta add my voice to those saying that this is real.  Not a fake at all.

  • Oswald Mandias

    If it is real, I’d hate to be the person responsible for getting out the stains on the back of her pants from the bike chain.

  • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

    I have to agree that this doesn’t seem to be a PSD. Anyway, I wonder where did the rear wheel go. The model hasn’t such a big ass to hide it completely. Also, she doesn’t seem to be making any effort holding the bike: is it weightless? And where did her hand go?

    Something weird happens with this picture. If it’s not a PSD is another thing. A weird thing.

  • viOlator

    Another evidence that this is real is the shadow of the rear weel on the floor.

  • Jshook

    She’s standing on tip-toe.

  • Bev

    Half-bicycles are so hot right now.  They will be all over the runways next Fall, mark my words!

  • stella

    I agree with those saying it not a PSD, but I wouldn’t accuse Scooter of trying to hard – he just doesn’t understand fashion. 

    Scooter, don’t fret over the shoes, she isn’t riding anything – The bike is the latest in accessories, the semicycle.  Bev is right,  they will be on the runways, but I doubt they will catch on – can’t imagine getting into a cab or finding a seating in a movie theater with that thing.  Like many items in women’s fashion, it is all looks an no practicality.
    As for the missing arm – well, that is yet another sad example of the fashion industry’s emphasis on models that are thin enough to be clothes hangers.  Her right arm is so skinny that it can be hidden by the bar of the  semicycle. 

  • Sarah

    In Amsterdam us women/girls ride our bikes in all kinds of shoes and high heels!! 

    • CragAntler

      No doubt a result of all the hashish being smoked.  :^P

  • Will Robinson

    I agree with ixache and Mark McGehee…

    You can see the upper part of her wrist (it’s very washed out with the sunlight) leading to where her hand would be gripping the lower cross-bar (in front of the chain mechanism, hidden by the front splash-guard).

    As for carrying the bike, the perspective distortion is quite high (as shown by the (upped) picture from the same range, which shows how small the bike rear looks compared to the front) so it could easily be obscured by her body.

    The weight issue of the bike… Aside from the seat resting on her shoulder, and her hand gripping the centre of gravity she would have no problem holding it like that for some time.

    I’m unsure whether this is lack of research, or just a hurry to put something up…

  • Jugstopper

    Somebody hand this lady a sammich. Also, take away her Noassatall – she has been taking too much of it.

  • Bob/Paul .

    Retarded. You can see the shadow of the rear tire. Bikes are skinnier than people, and modern bikes are aluminum or carbon fiber and very light. Look, here’s me demonstrating with my tandem bike. It may be 10ft long, but I can still hold it with one hand and hide half of it behind me.