Alloy: The Cure for Tennis Elbow

The forearm’s connected to the… uh…

Photoshop Disaster

I’ve heard of needing a shoulder to lean on, but this is ridiculous. The unnecessary addition of a wooden corner in the lower right and a melting  fencepost really tie this hodge-podge of Photoshop disasters together.

Thanks Emma. The original was an email newsletter and you can see it here.

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  • Cropper

    It is the pixie spirit filter in photoshop. Where a spirit is detected a yellow patch is displayed.

  • Yann

    What about the girl on the right picture ? She seems to be standing only on her … melted toes ??

    • richardginn

      It is just her butt ugly shoe choice, NO PSD.

  • richardginn

    What happened…. They have a much better version of the photo up…

    • Bev

      Somebody must have finally woken up and noticed their mistake! Like shutting the barn door after the horses are already out. 😉

  • OurJames

    > SHOP NOW

    I think they already did.