Banana Republic: Stand up against PSDs

People say men and women have different knees.

Photoshop Disaster

With the decreasing size of local forests and tree life, it’s more important than ever to search for new sources of lumber – like this woman’s leg. 

Thanks Juan. The original was found in the Banana Republic newsletter.

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  • Scott

    and her tiny head, too.

  • jimbo_hawkins

    I don’t get it?

    • Waldobaby

      That’s because there is NOTHING wrong with her leg.

  • Ben

    Erm, what’s wrong with her legs? That position’s perfectly achievable (if a little uncomfortable) – try it for youselves if you don’t believe either me, Jimbo or Waldo…

  • Jugstopper

    Poor lady is suffering from megapatella! This happens when you have kneecaps a foot long.

  • EK

    It is a bit strange though that the guy seems to be taller than the woman but his knees are below hers. He either has strange proportions or the two are not in the same picture

  • idunnomon

    her left leg looks a bit weird & the plates at the bottom look like toilet seats… is that it?

  • OurJames

    I think the fact that those plate-like objects on the wall are stretched down into a strange shape in the knee area indicates some sloppy stretching has taken place (they forgot not to warp the background.)

  • gianni

    Folks, that’s definitely “shopped”. Notice the leg in question appears “flat”. There’s no cylindrical shading and the vertical streaks of different shades indicate that the GA used either the Paintbrush, Clone Stamp or Liquify tool for whatever reasons to alter the leg. Also note that the calf does not get thinner towards the ankle. Bad GA! Bad GA!

    • gianni

      Hi Cropper. I can’t figure out the “stretched” plates. If the models were photographed in front of the plates and the GA stretched them, both models legs would also be stretched out of proportion. It’s definitely a conundrum!

      • Cropper

        I tried using free transform in Photoshop and when you “unstretch” it, the legs look good. I’d post the transformed version but I can’t figure out how to post images.

        • gianni

          Click the “Leave A Message” and notice in the lower left under the horizontal line is an icon to upload and add an image. A jpeg or png. I’d like to see what you have!


          John (Gianni)

          • Cropper

            Oh it is Drag and Drop. The legs DO look stubby this way. LOL!

          • Cropper

            Oops here is the stubby version

          • gianni

            I tried just Free Transform and I’m convinced those plate are really egg shaped or the GA dragged downward. Notice that the rims are off center if you try to make the plates round.

            Still, her leg is the mess.

          • Rachel Land

            Possible they stretched it as a starting point then photoshopped photoshopped photoshopped until it looked passable to them.

  • Cropper

    The stretched plates are the giveaway

  • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

    Im not sure… but I think her legs are actually her right arm…. chek the cutout I made….