Diesel: The Cabbage Patch Kids Grew Up

I like my women like I like my plants: strangely proportioned and unaware I exist.

Photoshop Disaster

Compare the difference in elbow height and you might see why this model has such a mean left hook. Mention it to her face and you definitely will.

Still, those jeans look like they fit like a dream.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501644963 Janet Cox Tuhey

    Her left hip looks kinda wonky too. Like every other model she looks like she’s been dipped in plastic but I wouldn’t consider that a disaster, though. Just another day on the GA’s computer.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hotclaws Hannah Theresa Weyland

      yeah,like they shaved a bit off her waist but forgot about the hip.

  • Waldobaby

    I want a sprinkling can with a solid lead sprinkler head too, or the ability to defy the physics of gravity, whichever is easier to deal with. Maybe the physics part, since she should be falling to her right, and she isn’t falling.

    As for upper arm length, if you allow for a hard shoulder shrug behind that hair, and a teeny bit of foreshortening from the right arm’s tilt, it’s possible the arms match within non-mutative reason.

  • Cropper

    GA GA, GA GA, GA GA!

  • http://twitter.com/richardginn richardginn

    A PSD model never has to conform to normal proportions… What PSD??

  • SL

    In addition: Is her pants falling down or is her body a little too elongated? It looks like her belly button is where her arm is crossing over her body… if that’s the case then that’s a little too much space between the belly button and the edge of those pants.

    • stella

      I am sure her parents would agree with you – “Pull up your pants. You are not leaving this house dressed like that!”

  • jimbo_hawkins

    I don’t think the elbows are a PSD…

    If I hang one arm down at my side, my elbow will hit right around my hip. If I use my forearm to cover my chest – and raise my shoulder up a few inches – my elbow is at chest height.

    Not saying this hasn’t been shopped, but you can’t point to the elbows as proof.

  • duuuuude

    Not a psd, right arm is at a different angle, and she’s holding it higher.

  • LtPowers

    There’s something weird going on between her left arm and her pants.

  • Tom

    Jeans fit like a dream? Check the knee levels.
    Both the left knee and left elbow are about 6 inches below the level of the right.

    • stella

      Maybe the right side got more sun and she just grew that way.

  • Bev

    Strange torso/arms/low riders aside, why is she watering the bottom of her jeans?

  • Chromalendri

    I think the elbows don’t match because the right upper arm has been shortened to allow for a perkier chest area. Unless she’s a double D cup (and she’s not) there’s no way she’d have to hold her arm out at such a right angle to cover up. That coupled with the elongation of the lower torso makes the elbows and hips mismatch

  • Jugstopper

    Her navel-to-crotch distance is making my head hurt.