London PSA: Young Female Undertakers in the City

Coincidentally, a cyclist would need to get dangerously close to this bus to read the warning about giving large vehicles their space.

Photoshop Disaster

Is undertaker slang for something in England? I always thought the British term for cyclist getting sucked under a semi was a bi-wheeled cobblestone crack. Regardless, having Gollum crawl next to an unmoving truck underneath three different fonts may not be sending a clear message.

Also, that semi is on a straight one-way road. When did it make a left turn and how long was that young female undertaker dragged before it stopped?

Thanks Andi for the great submission!

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  • Mark

    Maybe you need to be British. Here in the UK an undertaker is someone that buries people. Undertaking is also the opposite of overtaking – over in the US you can pass a car on the motorway on either side, here you pass on the right (overtake) but if you pass on the left you undertake and therefore are an undertaker. Cyclists have a tendancy to pass on the left (undertake) when traffic is stationary at junctions/lights or similar; squeezing between lorry/bus and kerb. Obviously this is very dangerous because a) long vehicles can swing right before they come back left – and close the gap off completely b) the drivers, particularly lorry drivers, can not actually see down close to the left of their vehicle when they are driving in a seat on the right of it. Passing on the left is a pretty dangerous manouver but lots of cyclists do it. It is therefore appropriate that the thing can be read by cyclists sitting smack behind the bus because it is asking them not to come past *that* bus (or any other) on the left however tempting it might be. The composite may not be that good but the meaning is very clear.

    • Bryce Bladon – CFH Editor

      I’m going to retract a lot of my (seemingly) clever comments about undertaking upon reading this. I still stand by my smart-ass remarks about this poster design being as atrocious as my understanding of British wordplay though.

      Thanks for your insights!

  • David Artiss

    To be fair to the cyclist, it does look as if the truck is on the right hand side of the road rather than the left. But then again, what was the cyclist doing on the wrong side?

  • Cropper

    Makes perfect sense but they stretched it a bit.

  • softkitty

    I see what they tried to do here… but no. Also, I cannot read the cursive writing on the top line, can anyone else tell me what it says?

  • OurJames

    (Should have been reply to softkitty) “Hold back when large vehicles turn left!”

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    You mean the PSD is not that the 2 X are written backward?

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    The real PSD is that the 2 X are written backwards.