MASSYmaVille: A big hand for rugby fans

Rugby is a sport dominated by burly men, crass attitudes, and a 16-foot half-tonne giant.

Photoshop Disaster

Staring into this scrum tells you why this is such an imposing sport. There are oversized limbs littering the field, a severed forehead that’s twice the size of the player’s (already barrel-sized) torsos, and one particularly imposing player who’s head and shoulders above his teammates in terms of natural talent. Oddly, the billboard that is this man’s chest is the only jersey without an array of ads on it.

Thanks Antoine for sending this into us.

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  • jshook

    I’m quite sure they meant to do that.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    It wouldn’t have been so bad if they didn’t put the 2 ominous hands there.

    • Kirsty

      Yes – one giant guy could make sense as a deliberate thing – an image
      that was meant to look composited for some reason. A photo illustration rather than a photo. But the extra bits make no sense.

  • Cropper

    Reminds me of our mediated reality. Nuff’ said!

  • chresmo

    It wasn’t needed on the jersey. they got the “MASSY” logo on that — umm, what is it? a crashed plane? — in the background quite clearly.

    Backwards, but quite clearly.

  • Animal

    WTF? They even used a drop shadow effect on the foreground layer…

  • richardginn

    Another one of those five minutes to go while bring super drunk PSD’S…..