When it absolutely, positively has to be there in under 44 seconds!

Photoshop Disaster

There’s so much going on here, I don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll go with the huge unfurling roll of packaging paper being hauled around the track by seemingly nobody at all. That is, of course, unless the roll of paper also happens to be one of the racers. I also like that some of the runners are burdened with multiple items, while Thor (#111) merely sports a wristband’s worth of packing tape. No wonder he’s winning.

Thanks Ben!

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  • Chap

    That’s no PSD. In fact it’s a really clever advert :-)

    • http://snowrollersden.blogspot.com Nicewriter

      So most athletes have three fingers on their hands then?

  • Barbara

    I agree with Chap. This isn’t much of a disaster. I supposed they could actually have hired runners to carry the packaging supplies, but it isn’t like some of the more egregious PSDs.

  • Cropper

    Run Rajapack Run! PSD Rating 100.9 %

  • Bev

    The guy in the back right and the guy in the middle also look a lot alike. They could be brothers, or something.

  • JStass

    Yeah, I gotta say, I’m normally not one to like horribly done advertisements even if they were intended to be terrible, but this one is just funny.

    I get the sense that this really isn’t a hack job excused by absurdity, but more like absurdity supported by they hack job.

  • EK

    Oh comon! None of these runners is carrying any supplies! Just take the guy in the front: why should he shove the package roll right into his face? Is it super-absorbant and can help him whipe off his sweat? And I love Thor! This guy has a mission with his packaging tape! He has to be there first because what would the others do without tape?

  • Pannfaces.

    Yes, this is a bit of a joke, and anyway, all athletes are cunts anyway, so a bit pointless really. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=547419664 Mark McGehee

    The content of the ad is pretty absurd, but the photoshop work is really clean and well done. The contrast/brightness is a little bit too much for my liking, but overall the piece isn’t much of a disaster!

    Maybe this should be on the Moderating Disasters website, along with a bunch of other recent posts!

  • summerbl4ck

    This is just plain funny!

  • McGreens

    We got this catalogue through at work and kinda liked it. The Photoshopping is pretty good and it’s clearly meant to be a bit of fun (especially number 192) so definitely no PSD :)

  • anna

    Thats not any disaster. I find it very funny and Im sure the one who created it
    didnt go after perfection. It is supposed to look like that, doesnt need to be perfect when the idea is great :)