Sandwiches: Crab People Cometh

Lego my Sandwich!

Photoshop Disaster

I originally thought the photoshop was this 50-foot tall woman overlooking the bay like a well-toned Godzilla-wannabe.  Then the angle of that sandwich struck me as wrong. Then I saw that fleshy-claw gripping the food and promptly lost my appetite.

Thanks Nic!

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  • melissa

    I think they just assumed no one would be looking at her hand…

  • OurJames

    What sandwich? I keep looking and… oh, there it is.

  • Pedro Hin

    ostrich beak

  • Jugstopper

    It disturbs me to imagine what was originally in her hand.

  • zab from Paris

    That’s make me think about a playmobil figure’s hand rather than lego’s.

  • Michael Parkinson

    The late, great, popular Australian entertainer Rod Hull had a similar hand disability, but he turned his negative into a positive, shrouded the arm in an emu costume and a comedy legend was born.

  • viOlator

    This is not a Photoshop disaster, it’s a Paint disaster.

  • Bev

    I just hope that’s not a Lobster Roll, because I don’t think the world can take another senseless act of cannibalism.

  • SL

    The whole thing looks photoshop. Is me or those the angle of the head look weird? The face is pale compare to the rest of the body. The hand is fine… ;P

  • Cropper

    I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers or for having a strangely shaped hand!