The moment Scotty realized he’d booked his vacation during the same week as Spring Break, he knew it was only a matter of time before making unauthorized use of the Enterprise’s transporter.

Photoshop Disaster

Ah, sweet PSD goodness!  I can’t decide which I like better: the temporal discontinuity between the suspended people and their reflections, or the complete absence of splash disturbance to the water’s surface, giving rise to speculation that these people just leapt from a hovering Chinook in the middle of a Disco-themed party during the chorus of “Y.M.C.A.”

Thanks Sébastien!

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  • Nicewriter

    They are just jumping in from another dimension and as they are landing they accidently (or purposely!) replace the original four jumpers.

  • richardginn

    I see two pictures and a missing crane that is dropping them into the water.

  • Cropper

    That took alot of work to mess that one up soooo bad!

  • Saskia van Meel

    Love that the reflexions have there legs strait in stead of bent 😛

  • stella

    There must have been a ripple – get it? “ripple” like the water has ripples? No? Well, anyway…there must have been a ripple in the time-space continuim – the reflection shows what happened a few milliseconds in the past, before they straightened their legs to enter the water.
    The part I don’t understand is the bikes on the beach. Were they there when they fell from the other dimension/crane/spaceship? Or were they riding them – on the sand, toward the water – when they all hit a sand bar or had their brakes lock simultaniously and were catapulted into the air?

    • Waldobaby

      They are jumping for the sheer joy of being French. With bicycles. It happens.

      There are at least six separate images here, counting the reflections with the five bikes as possibly one, the cartoon cliffs as one, and the four jumpers as four separate badly pasted jumper pics.

  • Bev

    They’re clearly vampires… the reflection is the illusion. Spoooky!

  • Frédéric Carlier

    as a French, I’m very proud ot it ! YES, we can do it too.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Those are the reflections of the shadows, not the actual people.

    Its international Air Your Armpit Day.

    I dont think that background belongs on that beach.

  • Carolynn

    why would they get in the water with shoes!

  • EK

    “Oh no, look, the marketing department of Seine Maritime Tourisme came up with this logo of two people jumping in/over water (right corner). And now they want us to create a matching ad…! What to do? Wait, we’ll just paste together some people jumping and a beach site. That’ll do!” (Possible conversation between the GA’s)