Victoria’s Secret: Beach Bums

With a little help from Photoshop you can fit into these swimsuits as well!

Photoshop disasters

Thanks to everyone who sent this in. You can see the original on the Victoria Secrets Facebook site.

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  • Mark McGehee

    What has the world come to when the model there isn’t already perfectly endowed to advertise a bathing suit without needless alteration?

    • Waldobaby

      “Perfectly endowed” is a phrase almost guaranteed to get you into trouble. The chiquita up above looks like she was created by Warner Brothers (think of Daffy Duck about to march off in high dudgeon). This: was created by healthier imaginations. Like I said, “perfectly endowed” is a phrase almost guaranteed to get one into trouble.

      • Mark McGehee

        I’m sure I could’ve said something more politically incorrect about the inherent characteristics of the model in question:) At least the girl in the linked image is seemingly unaffected by the liquefy filter.

  • stachelbeere

    gosh, she just likes to wears corsets everyday and got her last three ribs removed, whats the big deal? 😛

  • jdm8

    That’s disturbing. At least these photos are being skewered on their Facebook page for looking so stupid.

    • ixache

      The “you lost me as a customer” comments there remind me so much of the “I’m unsuscriberizing” of old here…

  • zoe

    what the actual hell

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Victoria secretly hates women.

  • richardginn

    She is wearing a special crotch hugger brand swimwear.

  • Cropper

    They liquified her legs sooo much they must be as lumpy as PINE CONES!

  • Kirsty

    She has no gluteus maximus. That’s weird.

  • Mr.Giallo

    Guys! You´re in one of the biggest spanish newspapers!!! Congrats!

  • Izzy

    I think the underwear was photoshopped on the picture, but this is VS model candice sweanapol, her body actually looks like that, she has a very tiny waist, and a big gap between
    her legs. That is how supermodels look like.

    • ixache

      It could be Swanopoel, or it could be anyone else. But that would explain a lot…

      Anyway, there is too little information in the pictures to draw conclusions. Notably, all the pictures focus strictly on the center part of a female body, without anything else giving the viewer a frame or a reference. And there is also the exotic setting, oversaturated colors, over-sharpening, back-lit subject, etc.

      In these conditions, it’s very easy to be mislead into thinking anything can be wonky, since one’s mind goes into “reconstruction overdrive”, trying to make sense of the little it’s afforded and providing the missing pieces from what it already knows.

      My feeling about this PSD: the model’s frame was not significantly altered; she definitely has buttocks (as seen in the side pictures), but the GA lifted up the shadows too much in the center picture, making them look flat; her posture (relaxed semi-walking) could also help in the disappearing act.

      Anyway, since you’re supposed to crave after the bathing suit and not wonder about the model, VS had it coming, and I’m not sorry for them.

  • badass jfro

    Now I have a vision of supermodels having to carry a pillow with them everywhere to avoid excruciating pain when seated, like the episode of King of the Hill where Hank suffers Middle-Aged-Male-Buttlessness Syndrome.

  • Zab_Paris

    What I find really disturbing is that the swimming suit seems to be **aspired ** into her cleft ??!!?

  • lisa

    All this photoshopping is starting to get a little over the top i mean fair enough its part of the industry but overdoing the editing on the picture is wrong and in reality you would never see a woman that slim. No wonder young girls are starving them selves.

  • nichola

    this is why young girls think they cant have a perfect body!!!!!! air brushing is one thing, but to completely change how a persons body looks is……….. i cant even think of a word bad enough to compare to!!!!!!!!! this is why a size 8-10 is a pluse size model these days. funny cause back in the day the more curves the more men wanted you, it showed that u were wealthy, why do u think all the old paintings are of women w/ lotz of curves!!!!!!!!!!